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  1. The Arena was only actually dark during the last third of the show yesterday. Don't think it really matters if the roof is closed or not in that regard. They do fireworks, it's just less all-in than outside due to obvious reasons.
  2. Went to the concert yesterday and wanted to share my opinions. First, for everyone who is a bit afraid of the temperature in the venue today: I expected it to be way hotter yesterday. I was standing right at the C-Stage and thought it was much cooler than outside. Though a friend of me who was sitting on the second ring couldn't stop sweating. Second, the concert itself. This was my 8th Coldplay concert and I've got to be honest: this was by far their worst display I've seen (still pretty good though). I'm not the biggest fan of their latest record, but that wasn't the reason. I just didn't get that special "vibe". The opener, A Head Full Of Dreams, sounded awful yesterday. It echoed through the arena and Chris was totally off for most parts of the song. Luckily, I didn't really notice the echo thing after AHFOD anymore. Best part of the concert is Midnight in my opinion. So yeah, you're not the only one who was a bit disappointed unfortunately. I agree with your comments on the setlist. However, I guess that's more of a personal thing too. I was delighted to hear Lovers in Japan (mostly acoustic), Magic, Don't Panic and See You Soon in Gelsenkirchen. Now compare that to Amsterdam yesterday. Although it was nice to hear Always In My Head live for the first time (I like the song), the switch to Princess of China right after that was a bit extreme. Probably also because I think Princess of China, A Sky Full of Stars and Hymn for the Weekend are among their "worst" songs (still good, but compared to their other songs). Till Kingdom Come was a really nice surprise, but In My Place as the request song? That's like the 4th time this tour and the same as I got in Gelsenkirchen three weeks ago. Going again today. Please Coldplay, don't be a let down again. Oh, and please play Amsterdam or A Rush of Blood to the Head :) Edit: Still got the wrist band too. A friend of mine was asked to deposit hers before leaving the venue though. She took another exit than I did.
  3. After some closer listening, it definitely sounds more like this. Good catch!
  4. Agree with most of your suggestions, though I still don't quite hear the word right. I definitely hear a 'r', but that could be due to the word are right before it. Updated the OP.
  5. Trying to decipher the Army Of One lyrics. Can't really figure out some parts. Curious to see what you think. Been around the world Wonders to view Been around the world Looking for someone like you Pyramids try, Babylon too But the beautiful-est treasures lie in the deepest blue So I never say die I’m never untrue I’m never so high as when I’m with you And there isn't a fire, that I wouldn’t walk through My army of one is gonna fight for you Been around the world, the universe too Been around flying, baby There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do Tentacle stars will lasso the moon I’ll be standing there besides you Right when the storm comes through 'Cause I never say die I’m never untrue I’m never so high as when I’m with you And there isn't a fire, that I wouldn’t walk through My army of one is gonna fight for you My army of one is gonna fall for you, yeah 'Cause you’re (right?) Oh 'cause you’re (right?) 'Cause you’re (right?) My army of one is gonna call it through So my heart is my gun, army of one Yeah my heart is my gun, army of one It's my only weapon, army of one So my heart is my gun, army of one
  6. Realize that the ticket status you see on the page where you put tickets into your basket isn't displayed realtime. The status it shows is from the moment you load the page. Everyone who tried to get tickets at 9 am precise had the possibility to add tickets to their basket. However, selecting the amount of tickets on that page, doesn't link those tickets to your account. They are linked to you the page after that one. In those 2 - 3 seconds you spent adding tickets to your basket, all tickets had already been reserved by others. You can't blame Eventim for that. The only thing you can blame them for is that their ticketing system is a bit outdated and doesn't show the realtime ticket availability status.
  7. You won't get in since the name on the ticket has to be yours or the person's who is with you.
  8. Congrats to all who returned from the massacre with tickets. My gf had 2 tickets, but Eventim suddenly logged her out :\ Not the first time that happened.
  9. Indeed, Valkenburg here. Eventim is going to crash so badly tomorrow morning. Better get to sleep so I don't sleep through my alarm.
  10. When I was reading our local newspaper this morning, I stumbled upon an article about Coldplay. Apparently they asked a local photographer who was shooting pictures at Pinkpop if they could use 2 of his pictures for an official tour book which would be released after the festival gigs. Have they ever done this before? I won't bother to translate more of the article, it's basically just some talking about photography. Scan:
  11. This was just posted on Twitter by VPRO 3voor12: "Op veler verzoek later vandaag online op onze festivalsite: video-opnames van het concert van Coldplay. http://bit.ly/jcbncW #pp11" It says that later today we will be able to watch Coldplay's performance on the site mentioned in the tweet. Seems the band has given permission now.
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