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  1. Or I. A and I are the only two one-letter words in the English language I can think of.
  2. Not sure how it fits into the whole "Instagram reels are MOTS hints" thing, but the band just posted a reel for Every Teardrop is a Waterfall.
  3. Don't be too sure of that. They went full AHFOD with their clothes for the iHeartRadio performance without performing a single new song.
  4. Sorry, I have been out of town for a couple of days so I haven't had the chance to record it yet. I did check the 3FM archives and noticed that the host doesn't always talk through the intro or outro. I haven't yet found a completely clean version, but maybe someone who knows their way around audio editing software can cut the clean intro from one version and paste it onto another one where the outro is clean?
  5. Does anyone know if there are multiple official versions of Everyday Life? 3FM here in the Netherlands is giving the song some more airplay these past couple of weeks. The version they've been playing has the regular studio version vocals and instrumentation for most of the song, but starts with the electric guitar intro from the live version and has that same guitar sound in the middle of the song too.
  6. I interpret the song as a story about Rosaleen and her Father (Baba) who were living good lives and had a bright future ahead of them, but were bombed to death in the Damascus bombings and are now greeted by archangels Cherub and Seraphim on the doorsteps of heaven.
  7. I really hope it isn't. Don't get me wrong, I love Arabesque, but I feel like the only way to do this song justice, is to play it with a live orchestra and saxophonist. If they have to make to with their regular instruments and a backing track for the saxophone and orchestral ending, it is really going to take away from the grandness of the sax solo and ending.
  8. They look amazing. Could you give some more info about the size of these patches and the pricing? Edit: I'm a complete idiot, your post literally says they're 9cm so just the pricing info would suffice.
  9. Explicit content? I guess the boys do know what Daddy means on the internet after all
  10. For me Arabesque was the giveaway. Trouble in Town, Daddy, Orphans and Everyday Life have made it to several media outlets and were all over this thread, the Coldplay discord and the Coldplay Subreddit. Arabesque is (was) too obscure, it has only been featured on a list in an old documentary that most likely only die-hard Coldplay fans have seen. I mean, what are the chances of someone being be both well connected enough to get that stuff on two versions of Amazon (to troll or whatever) _and_ being aware of Arabesque
  11. As much as I want new music (like right now, please) I would be down for a 10-minute mini documentary where the band announce the album, explain their though process etc.
  12. Oh please no digipaks. I hate those, they are way more susceptible to wear and tear. I prefer a good old jewelcase. If you damage your jewelcase you can simply buy a replacement and swap the booklets etc, while a digipack is damaged forever. Plus, I think a jewelcase looks better on the CD shelf.
  13. Breaking Down Walls was mentioned by a very well connected discord user. I won't repeat their name because I don't want them to get into trouble, but they mentioned that title and removed the message a mere seconds after they posted it. Several others in the discord have seen the message.
  14. So to summarize: Album title: Everyday Life, with one half being called Sunrise and one half being called Sunset Release date: 22 November 2019 Possible songs: Trouble in Town, Daddy, Orphans, Everyday Life, Breaking Down Walls, Sine Spe Recuperandi, That Sister Is My Brother and Conscious Pilot.
  15. That guy wasn't just a random fan, but the founder/admin of a Dutch Coldplay facebook group. That's most likely why they sent it to his work instead of his home address. Is the woman who received this letter part of the staff of a fanclub perhaps?
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