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    Goodbye Lore, you lovely, lovely person. :)
  3. Did you, have that picture before? If so, I'm sure you make a lovely Thom Yorkette.
  4. Not the voices, but if someone has a photo of someone else as their avi (most people, really), I sometimes think "Oh, that must be what that person looks like." And lets say, it'a female user, with a picture of Thom Yorke, that just fucks up my mind. (Not really. I am perfectly sane. 1st line is true.)
  5. So, I've now to post simply empty updates? Don't like the idea of that. Who will see my magical words then!? Possible Replies: "I'm sure we'll live" "No-one, obviously, you cock" "Good point. You keep posting full posts, Jesus."
  6. I do hope people aren't dissin' this thread. Put all my hard work in to this. Also, 'MegaUpload' box.Fancy!
  7. I don't want to be seen posting in some thread that has bad reviews. I want to be seen posting in the best thread online, possibly with my arm wrapped around the very lovely Zooey Deschanel (Not 'wrapped around' as in, picking her up). Also, I've seen Britney Spears around here, so I'd watch out. Weall know what happened that time she was out. Y'know, THAT time? Well, if you don't know, she had no pants on. Photographers were there. The rest can no doubt be seen via Google. I have a limo. We're going to head to a thread. Which one!?
  8. Not really. I sometimes think "Oh, remember that time back then?" and then answer my own question "Yup, I do." I think this is my first post of this year. Surely special, really.
  9. Reilly, y'know how you had that picture of "SugarApe"? Your main picture a while back? Well, that's from 'Nathan Barley', which was co-written by Chris Morris, the writer of this show, "The Day Today". You'll no doubt like it.
  10. Ah yes, Rebecca Front (She has a front!) Cooooogan! [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6UhXivPyw4]YouTube- The Day Today - Sinn Fein[/ame]
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