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  1. Change

    Hey there, i saw you visit the concert on the 30th aswell :) wanna team up?

    1. Jea


      Hi, sure! I plan on getting to the venue at around 10am

    2. Change


      We are having a group with 4 people yet. i there anyway to dm in this forum? i could invite you

    3. Jea


      sent you a pm :)

  2. Yep, that was my plan B (I can't drive there myself) just booked the Flixbus, I hope I manage to catch it (leaving at 23.45pm from Frankfurt main station)
  3. No, I don't have early access, just a regular standing ticket.
  4. I'm also going to both Frankfurt shows on my own :) what time are you getting there?
  5. Oh I didn't know this was possible. How many points do you need for that? Maybe try tweeting them? They've answered my questions on twitter last year.
  6. Lena Meyer-Landrut is also playing.... the line-up really doesn't get any better. Doors at 4.30pm, pre-show with "surprise guests" at 6 and then Coldplay will open the main part of the show. I hope they're playing more than a few songs.. and I guess you can go after that if you're not interested in the other acts, although Chris might join someone else on stage later? Who knows.
  7. Is anyone driving from or via Heidelberg/Mannheim to the Frankfurt gigs?
  8. So there's a classic Parachutes t-shirt and one with the tour dates on the back. I'm guessing they're only selling the tour one at the shows, or do they have both? The print looks a lot better on the shirt without tour dates, at least on the shop pictures. Does anyone have one of these shirts and could take a picture? I'm not sure which one I should get..
  9. I'm looking for Frankfurt standing tickets, one for the 30th and one for the 1st. Would either buy them at face value, or swap with my two standing tickets for Hannover :)
  10. Does anyone want to swap tickets? I have two standing tickets for Hannover and would like to swap them for Frankfurt tickets (one for each day). Or if anyone wants so sell a standing ticket for Frankfurt at face value... :)
  11. Does anyone want to swap tickets? I have two standing tickets for Hannover and would like to swap them for Frankfurt tickets (one for each day)
  12. But those will only win tickets for the concert, not a meet&greet. .. which I would be totally fine with :D fingers crossed for everyone!! I won Streetgig tickets aaages ago for Snow Patrol (and then couldn't make it to the gig :rolleyes:), I hope I'm lucky again this time. Back then I thought that they choose winners because of their location (the SP gig was less than 30 minutes away, this time it's about an hour from me, so here's hoping!)
  13. Oohh maybe they're gonna play Christmas Lights since it's so close to Christmas? I want to go SO BAD but if the tickets are 90+ € again, I just can't afford it :\
  14. I couldn't get it today either, my local store didn't get anything delivered today because their truck broke down :dozey: What kind of bad luck is this?! I could go to a different city but I can (just barely) wait until my store has it tomorrow since I already listened on iTunes. But still, not buying it on release day feels SO weird :confused:
  15. Ooohh it's so pretty :nice: I'm getting mine later, can't wait to have it in my hands! When Viva came out, you could get a free poster at Saturn on release day.. but I'm guessing they don't do that this time?
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