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  1. I recognized your avatar lol I know! it has been a minute :) I am well! A lot has changed around here! you?
  2. *Nudges door* OH WOW. Spiders took over this place!!! And they are clueless about interior design! *dusts* *dusts some more* OK! We are open for business again! It will be self-serve since I do not know how long I will be here this time! ;) -But in all seriousness, I miss you guys! Hope you are all doing well! (you know who you are)
  3. Wait... what happened to my dancing bear? :thinking: Annnnndddd!!! what happened with the thousands of emojis?? Coldplaying, you have changed!
  4. I miss you all! and will cherish the people I met in this forum forever! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  5. Holy Shit! I had such a hard time trying to make this stupid computer show me the typing thing! I felt a bit nostalgic today, so I came back for a bit! Hi Everyone :) I hope everyone has been well! I have missed this site! My free time got cut off so ridiculously that I had not been able to come back sooner. Say Hi to everyone else for me!
  6. I always expect at least one date in central america... and always get dissappointed when my nearest options are mexico or colombia... traveling here is most definitely not the same as in the US or Europe... it would take me at least a couple of days to get to colombia... and i do not even want to think about expenses, plus the ticket prices :/
  7. I missed the forum so damn much!!! I hope everyone has been well :) I bought a computer, finally, so I think I will be here often again!
  8. Costa Rica please! I can even go and search for Phil's photo in front of the national stadium to convince them ;) (I even came back to post just for this)
  9. I have been seeing this guy for about a month, during which he has made the most stupid excuses, if anything at all, not to come to my city. On Saturday he casually mention he was on his way here, to visit some of his friends. Just like that. So I got mad, told him that I have been having the most ridiculous reasons from him not to make the trip, to which he answered "Ok", and after an "are you serious?!", I got another "OK". I told him it was not ok, and did not hear from him till yesterday... ... When he sent me 5 edited/filtered versions of one of the photos we took together... And did n
  10. I always enjoyed these, but I will have to pass :( no computer and therefore basically no new music or a way to actually send it out :( Have fun, guys!!!
  11. Still have not received anything, and most of the packages I sent have been received, so I hope my SS got it as well.
  12. Ok, let us get scrappy moving again. I am still without a computer, but I will try to get it set up from here. The plan is to get it moving around February first.
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