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  1. Haha glad everyone else heard that. I actually love that line
  2. I don't know how you feel about this, but I thought it was "i know it's over before she says, know someone else is taking your place. I know it's over, Icarus says, to the sun." Referencing Icarus who died because he flew too close to the sun. Not sure if anyone else buys that haha
  3. YEah it was awesome! Nah we didn't really talk about much... just made some small talk. Then he was off, to save the world I presume. I hope they do another tour of North America soon! Also, I got a link to the full first comic if you wanted it/hadn't seen it already.

  4. Here's the front of the shirt I made: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/685/img4877ah.jpg/ I got there late as well, and was walking around in that shirt and a roadie stopped to talk to me. I didn't get upgraded because he didn't have any more tickets he said, but it was really exciting! Good luck!
  5. That's awesome that you got to meet a roadie! Did you guys talk about anything cool? It sucks that you didn't get upgraded, but from the pictures it still looks like you had a pretty nice view! :) That's a cool looking shirt. Sounds like you had a fun time!

  6. Yeah it was awesome! I almost got upgraded by a roadie! Except he had already given away all the tickets on the floor so he didn't really have any good seats to give me! Here are some pics I took and the shirt I made: http://imageshack.us/g/716/img4886n.jpg/

  7. Just got home from baltimore! That was AMAZING! The show was so good. I'd say it was their best performance of the 3 shows I've been to. I was in section 112 slightly behind the stage, but our view was great still. Before the show, I was walking around outside of the merchant stand (I made my own MX shirt with graffiti paint) and a coldplay roadie (forget his name) came up and talked to me. He told me he liked my shirt, and asked how many were in my party. Unfortunately, they had already given away all the floor upgrades... so that was a bummer. But I almost got upgraded! Nonetheless
  8. I'll write more later... But so awesome! I wore my spray painted MX shirt with blue letters (lemme know if you saw it..). A roadie came to talk to me but he'd alrdy given away all the upgrades. Oh well! It was so awesome. I loved ETIAW, Charlie brown, paradise, along with all the classics. Oh, and WARNING SIGN was Fuggin awesome! (if Chris can say it I can say it. Right?) the only downside was driving back to Brooklyn that night and having to wake up at 7 today.. But it's all good. Concert review to come!
  9. That's great, sounds like you've got an amazing night up ahead. Let me know how it goes! :)

  10. I'm about to leave to go to the New JErsey show tonight!! Row 17.. so not great, buuuuut it' still coldplay!

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