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  1. That would ruin the whole point! You are not supposed to know what he says :D

  2. Hey man, tell what the go with your sig and what does he say at the end?

  3. We have just had a burst of fresh life into the thread but still no address... which is better?
  4. We are now on page 100. Doesn't that make you feel diginified. Like you have started something worth doing?
  5. it was either 50 copies or 200... i cant remember
  6. I was hoping you would see my statement as a joke but no... And we still haven't got a reply from debs...
  7. Well Im at the mid north coast of NSW which is near Port Macquarie if you know where that is.
  8. Ive changed my mind. Im looking for composition software. Could someone give me a hand
  9. So we are obliged to do so? Who has read the article about coldplay.com spreading the love. Maybe we should follow suit.
  10. It has been rainy, winding and freezing cold down where I live (which as you know is very un-australian like) and I'm not liking it at all. Its bloody cold!!!!!
  11. I want an aussie to win. Go Cobalt and Jizo and anyone else who've I've forgoten
  12. Yes lets hope so... at the moment I am procrastinating a lot though. I'll probably start this weekend.
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