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  1. My friends that just shows how bad the music industry is at right now.... and no one is doing anything to STOP IT. 5 mill is a HUGE success already in albums in this music industry. thats the average 5 mill success already.. unlike around 4-5 years ago 10 M was a success already and now its down to 5M:cry: maybe in the next 2-3 years 3 M would already be the new average for succesful abums unless they do something about it
  2. Rihanna and chris will kiss:shocked2: wonder if he f*cked her too :wink2: he mustve
  3. CB unfortunately has already been released i think back ON MARCH and was a huge FLOP Worldwide i know Coldplays standards that CB shouldve been a HIT becoz its one of the epic songs they have...
  4. My review: Mylo Xyloto/Hurts Like Heaven - 8.5/10 Paradise - 8/10 Charlie Brown - 9/10 Us Against The World - 7/10 M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall - 7.5/10 Major Minus - 7/10 U.F.O. - 10/10 (amazing song really quiet and emotional) Princess of China - 8/10 Up In Flames - 8/10 (love the emotion in the song so desperate and sad) A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart - 8.5/10 Up With The Birds 9/10
  5. They are definitely experimenting on the POP side of this ALBUM, they are also experimenting more ON THE INSTRUMENTALS with the synths , less lyrics its all about ATMOSPHERE, and I quite get there point and theyre experimentation for me is great. great for a pop record for a band!
  6. It is #11 In UK MIDS:( lot sof new releases
  7. most likely guys CB will be moved as the 4th single and POC as the 3rd instead that would be the logical choice since it will be performed on grammys and brits so most likely CB video will be around April-May:D just my prediction
  8. No official release date yet for this Epic song...:shocked2: WHen will it be released? offcialy in itunes etc
  9. yeah its already certified but not yet reached 1 M since they just estimated it would reach 1 M anyway so they just certified it in advanced:cool:
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