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  1. Hey, I have been to this concert! We were able to buy tickets at the black market... for less than half the regular price :D I also filmed a few parts of the concert, but wasn't able to upload the vids to YouTube yet. Have to say, I didn't mind the rain at all, it was great fun, hehe. Chris sadly didn't talk so much, but for welcoming he shortly spoke in Swiss German: "Grüezi, alle zämme." Or something like this :lol:
  2. Thanks so much for the Birthday wishes, thank you XD

  3. Thank yo so much for the Birthday wishes!! XD

  4. Hey, thank you for the Birthday wishes!! XD

  5. Happy birthday! :nice:

  6. Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day!!! :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Have A Wonderful Day :)

  8. Okay, my ticket for Munich is listed at eBay now... :( Howsoever... I just wanted to mention it here. http://cgi.ebay.de/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180399160332
  9. I'm so glad for you peeps. Sounds you had lots of fun... wahh! So, is there a somewhere a video of this "Herning song"? :D And what does Chris exactly have? The flu or sth.?
  10. That's it. Now I even have to sell my ticket for Munich as well, due to some money issues :confused: :cry: If you're interested, just pm me. It's a standing ticket.
  11. Okay... listened to it. My favourite is "Goodbye and Goodnight" :laugh1: A little bit more work on this one... and it would have been such a wonderful song...! What a pity it isn't a real song :(
  12. Thanks, perejro. Thank you! :flutterby:
  13. Ohhhohhhohhh, PM, PLEASE! :o :)
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