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  1. Long time, no see. :) Den fremragende podcast Indbegrebet Af (hvor de finder sangen der er indbegrebet af en musikkunstner) har lige udgivet et rigtig godt afsnit om Coldplay, jeg tænker I kunne være interesseret i at høre. :blush: Det kan høres, hvor I plejer at høre podcasts.
  2. Despite its too simple end rhymes and repetitive chorus line (seriously, Chris?), I find Atlas to be an eloquent, dark, hopeful song very much suitable for Catching Fire, which I'm looking forward to watching on the big screen. The progression of the song with its bleak piano going into Jonny's guitar and the full instrumentation is wonderful. I get many associations to both Prospekt's March (track), Moving to Mars, X&Y (album) and Mylo Xyloto. Lyrically, Chris has done and can do a lot better, which is my problem with this song. I have yet to rate it but I might land on a 6. I feel torn whether to rate it as a Coldplay song or a song in general. Good to hear from the boys again. :)
  3. Hej Julie, Tilllykke med fødselsddagen. Jeg håber, at du får en god dag. :dance: :vuvuzela:

  4. Wow, that is absolutely brilliant!!! :surprised: :cheesy: You are so talented. Seriously, you should be making a living of this.
  5. I love your name/avatar. Sherlock FTW. :dance:
  6. I'm impressed with everybody's creations. The board and the framed "In case of Coldplay" and that glow-in-the-dark backpack, wow! Accola, your art is amazing! :surprised: If you guys like it would you please vote for my old VIVA Christmas heart in this contest (just go to the link and click "vote")? I would really appreciate it. :nice:
  7. This is exciting! :surprised: I'm so torn, though. The ticket is so pricey, costs around the same as the dvd which I've ordered. However little I want to, I can't help getting stings of suspicion that they're finding every possible way to make money... The cartoons, the dvd, the cinema screenings... It's expensive to be a hardcore Coldplayer. I did see Coldplay live on this tour, which is the top experience. On the other hand, this is once in a life time and probably a stunning experience. :uhoh: Are any Danes here going to watch it in Aarhus?
  8. Glimrende, tak. :cheesy: Jeg stod ret godt, men der er et kamera lige foran mig på selve det store billede. :lol:

  9. My photos and The Scientist video! Hi guys! It's almost been 2 weeks since the concert already! Time flies when you're busy with studies. :surprised: Here are my thoughts on the show: While I was queuing, Coldplay did rather many short soundchecks, which was awesome. I remember them playing bits of 42 and Hurts Like Heaven. Someone else has probably posted the rest. I had a blast at the show! :dance: It was an amazing concert. The support act Charli XCX was very fun and bubbly. Her tunes sounded cool enough. Marina & The Diamonds was really good and warmed up the crowd well. I recognized more of her catchy and solid pop songs than I expected. When Coldplay came on stage and MX began, the surreality suddenly real, the beautiful tones and the reminiscence of experiencing my favourite band moved me very much. As any Coldplayer can relate to, it makes you feel happy. This was enforced by the stunning glowing Xylobands. Everything seemed right and I forgot my wobbly knees and worries. I gave everything I had in front row. :D My position was five people to Jonny's side of the middle catwalk. I loved that they played Warning Sign and Speed of Sound (acoustically). Speed of Sound was my first CP song. Don't Let it Break Your Heart was a great highlight and surprise to me, which ironically broke my heart a little with joy. :heart: Other highlights were the always beautiful and uplifting Charlie Brown well as well as the beautiful "new" beginning to Yellow. The boys were in top form and naturally Chris was running all over the place, hard to follow. As I recall, Chris' voice sounded magnificent. He also sounded very cute when he said "Tusind tak" ("thank you"). :wacko: On the C stage, the band had many heart-warming laughs between each other, especially as the audience cheered for each member. The rest of the concert I expected a bit more of this banter and Chris cracking jokes. Perhaps I just couldn't see it. Already, Up In Flames is one of my least favourite CP tracks, I found it too repetitive and quiet to keep the audience's interest. The stage with three catwalks is huge, tall and very impressive. The downside to that along with the two times they played amongst the crowd is the decreased intimacy with people up front like myself. Nonetheless, I was very happy being in front row for the first time as I could sing directly up to them and see at least Chris and Jonny clearly. It all is to the advantage of the crowd further back and up, of course, so I understand why they made it that way. I have yet to relive all the chills and tears I felt through the recorded sound broadcast. :) All in all, it was an amazing spectacle of a bright, colourful show that was completely worth waiting many months for. It made me love Coldplay even more than before and that is saying something. I'm finally uploading my semi-blurry pictures. You-know-who (no, not Voldemort... at least I don't think so. :uhoh:) It almost looks as if Chris looks at me here. :wacko: Finally, here is my video recording of The Scientist: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3KYH-hYmL8&hd=1]Coldplay "The Scientist" at Parken Stadium, Copenhagen 28.08.2012 - YouTube[/ame] Edit: Oh dear, it looks like sound and picture aren't all in sync. :\ For me it works best full screen in 720 p.
  10. Hej Louise. :cheesy: Selv tak, det var hyggeligt! :nice: Jeg har svært ved at se dig på panoramabilledet, hvor præcis stod du? Det må du i hvert fald! Jeg sender dig en PM med linket. :) Jeg er lige igang med at lægge mine billeder og min video i Parken-tråden, hvis det har interesse. :wink:

  11. Hej. :cheesy: Tak for sidst. :nice: Må jeg tilføje dig på Facebook? :wacko:

  12. On my iPhone screen this concert ends on page 42. :nice: Goodnight, folks! :) I'll most likely upload my pics and vid from Copenhagen tomorrow in the belonging thread.
  13. I had completely forgotten that! Thanks for clearing that up. :)
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