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  1. HEY is the only Polish music I've listen to and I can't understand a word but I really think it is accesible music for anyone who want to discover foreing music. They also made songs in English (but I prefer the Polish one). And you should definitely listen to Badly Drawn Boy!!!! To my mixtape maker, I will post my review on saturday or maybe sunday :)
  2. Hi! I am your partner!! I was a bit worried because I tried to do something that you wouldn't dislike but didn't fit completely with what you usually like to listen if you know what I mean. And as I didn't had many time it I'm happy you like it. I'm also happy that you don't hate the foreing songs. I'm always curious to see how people can react to french music. I'm glad I had to make your tape. You always describe your feelings and your opinions so well that it's a pleasure to read your review. :love: I wish I had answer you earlier. I'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. And
  3. I'm still working on my tape. I have to hurry if I want to finish and send it on saturday. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  4. My lastfm is also in my signature and it is fairly complete about what I listen, but don't hesitate to put what you want and surprise me! :nice:
  5. Until summer 2013 they have time to record a new album :D And then, if they are able to get this kind of more or less unexpected announcement, who knows if they don't already have something in reserve?
  6. I saw that security were around your spot for a long time before getting out someone of the crowd. I hope that didn't annoyed you too much. Oh and is the tag in Primrose Hill completely gone? I will order Parklive when it come out and I'll have to wait for christmas to get the Blur21 box as a gift because I really can't afford it. Long wait till I can put my hands on that beauty. I dreamed last night I was walking in the streets of London and I bumped into Graham and have a nice chat with him. :wacky:
  7. Again an incredible concert! I almost cried at the end. Yes, I think Damon doesn't wanted to play The Puritan at that moment but it doesn't matter. I mean they played Young and lovely, London Love, Caramel and Sing !! Not the songs I would have chose if I had the choice (Bugman!!) but it was still so good! I am very happy to met you girls. As always I would have liked talk to you more (especially with you Kelly). If only I wasn't that shy and embarrasing with my english (and having French fans around me doesn't help me at all) but anyway, I felt so good thinking you were there and you had
  8. This is the worst that could happen. I'm so sorry for you. And the one who signed for you should be ashamed for agreeing to sign without telling you you had a letter. You can maybe ask to see the signature they had and prove that it's not yours. That could be helpful to get your money back. Oh and did you see that Ticketmaster email that said doors will opened at 12:00 instead of 14:30. I shouldn't have take an hotel room for saturday night and just sleep at hyde park to be sure to have a good spot!
  9. It's quite frustrating to read all these reviews about those small gigs but also exciting to read how the band gives all it has to their fans. For the 2009 Hyde Park gig I arrived at noon and I didn't get the front row (I'm a bad runner and I had to catch my breath to half of the race :sweatdrop:). By chance I managed to get the barrier later but I was quite on the left (still a good spot). But I was alone so I had to run and "fight" alone for a good place. When you are with friends it's easier I think.
  10. Don't worry about that. I never saw an identity control at a concert. When they scan the barcode they often doesn't even look at the rest of the ticket.
  11. Useless post but TRIMM TRABB :dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled: :dazzled: :dazzled: Oh and Hyde Park in 2009 was splendid and I'm sure this year will be great too.
  12. No I won't. I wish I could but I'll be stuck at work and it's too far from where I live to do a round-trip in a single night. Will you be in Strasbourg?
  13. Yesterday I had a wonderfull evening in Nîmes. The concert was energetic, especially in its first hour. maybe a bit flat in the middle but nothing disturbing. Thom York was very playful, he seemed to enjoyed the night. And "Everything in its right place" / "Idioteque" was brilliant. I took few videos, here is one of them : [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlqfB23XiYE]Radiohead - 15 Step @ Arènes de Nîmes, 11/07/2012 - YouTube[/ame]
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