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  1. Thank you for the easy-to-follow instruction @Gideon_Mx. Yes I live in Japan so I also see the Flag music video on their official YouTube channel 🤗 So here you go! Almost 40,000 plays on Spotify. And omg just over 6,000 on YouTube! Mind you, CDs are still huge here, so the numbers on streaming sites are immensely low. It actually made news on Bloomberg that Amazon wants us to stop buying CDs earlier this year. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-11/amazon-really-wants-japanese-music-fans-to-stop-buying-cds Right, hope this post helps.
  2. Just read this and opened Spotify, realised I had no idea where to look for those numbers! 😆 Where are they?
  3. Hi! I also wanted to find out which song was recorded where but I gave up 'cause one song was recorded at more than one venue. I went to the gig in Tokyo and have recorded some songs and collected many videos of it from YouTube, IG, Twitter etc and I was very disappointed that there was not a single song that was recorded only inTokyo as Chris told us they'd release a live in Japan album.
  4. It really is a lovely song isn't it? I hope they release it to the whole world
  5. It's officially on YouTube but unfortunately only available in Japan. Will send you the link to the file ripped off YouTube.
  6. it's been out since it turned 22nd here in Japan. You probably need a VPN to be able to stream it. Here's the link to the song. [MEDIA=spotify]track/4S2lJPZBoyl28MilRBgxgb[/MEDIA] View: https://open.spotify.com/track/4S2lJPZBoyl28MilRBgxgb?si=GCmoujfaRiiuMs0ueSgPNg
  7. Flags is available on YouTube now x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=VQvhI7EVZ0A;list=OLAK5uy_mKfLYzkXhQvsMZbZNqHkiWot38ndRwk6I
  8. Ebay, Discogs and Amazon? I'm happy to help if you want to order a copy from a shop in Japan.
  9. I hope I sent the link to all who'd requested. Please DM again if anyone didn't get it.
  10. link please and thanks!

    1. Yasuko


      Sure x [URL unfurl="true"]https://mega.nz/#!KrI2ASQA!6Pkjv-l5Q1kCzr31QSgZXPsskfytDcXYQLVijHEGHpg[/URL]

    2. Durk
    3. Durk


      Yasuko - can u send me the you tube rip of Flags? i think it may be higher quality than then the spotify one- thanks!

  11. Ready to share the link now, how do I DM everybody who requested?
  12. I've recorded the track on Spotify not the best quality but I'll upload it somewhere if anyone interested.
  13. It's on right now! https://www.livenewsmag.com/bbc-news-uk-live-stream/
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