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  1. Accounts can't be deleted.

  2. I don't know I need help Can you help me? I want to delete my account but I don't know how to

  3. Why should I know?

  4. Really thanks It was months ago, but thanks Don't reply, I just came to delete all my stuff Have a nice day Jesus Christ loves you

  5. What am I doing here?

  6. Well, at first, Bonn is famous for its carnival. Not as famous as the ones in Cologne or Duesseldorf. Mmmhhh, food.... I found, that there are some breweries. You know, where beer is brewed. I can't really find any special food. I think it'll be just normal German food. I didn't see that there is a speciality. :thinking: Well, what exactly do you need this for?

  7. Give me a sec and I'll look something up for you. I think I was in Bonn, once, but I wasn't there for ages. I don't really know anything about this city, but let me have a look. :)

  8. Hey, Sofie How are you? How's everything there? Hey, I need your help with an assigment Do you know anything about Bonn's Food and festivities?? I mean, Bonn is a city in Germany, Can you help me?? God bless you ;) See ya

  9. HI, well at first, my birthday is august, 1st, 1990. and you already told me that coldplay isn't your obsession. :) and, sure, we can chat in the afternoon (night here). I think the time difference was 6 hours or so, right? Now it's 4.34 pm here in Germany. so you can look at what time I sent this message. I think the date of this post will be at your time. PS: :laugh4: :laugh4: I don't know what happened to these pictures, but was me standing in the louvre in front of the painting of delacroix, which coldplay used for their fourth album. I really don't know what happened. and btw. the thing which are standing there in german: Die gew├╝nschte Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden --> The desired page couldn't be found. Die Seite, die Du gesucht hast, konnte bei uns leider nicht gefunden werden. --> The page, whiche you were looking for, could unfortunately not found. Wenn Du die Adresse direkt in die Adresszeile Deines Browsers eingegeben hast, ├╝berpr├╝fe bitte die Eingabe. --> If you put the adress directly into the adress bar of your browser, check your entry, please. :D when I checked these links and sent them to you, they worked. :thinking: maybe I'll upload them another time again.

  10. Ok There's no problem, I wasn't here for a long time too So i think this VM will be like a surprise for u :D Thank you so much, (BTW When is your birthday?) Hmmmm What did I do on my b-day? I went to english classes :sad: xD! Then, I went to eat with my family and friends...yeah I got presents What else? Oh... I bet it will sound weird but Coldplay is not my obsection anymore and neither of the music bands will be it again. My heart now belongs to Jesuschrist =) I would be glad if we could chat one of these days, specially saturdays in the afternoon (here, night in germany haha) just if you're able well, I think this has been a long VM, but it's for the long time that we had been away.... away... away... xD!! PS: I can't see any of your pictures. And there's something in deutch that I couldn't understand. Like this: Die gew├╝nschte Seite konnte nicht gefunden werden Die Seite, die Du gesucht hast, konnte bei uns leider nicht gefunden werden. * Wenn Du die Adresse direkt in die Adresszeile Deines Browsers eingegeben hast, ├╝berpr├╝fe bitte die Eingabe. Hahaha! Now I'm leaving, but I'll be back soon if I can do it So, bye bye, take care, and God bless u Ok :D

  11. Oh, NOOOOOO, I'm sooo sorry. I wasn't on for a long time. I'm soooo sorrry, that I forgot this. belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :dance: :hat: :jester: :joker: :hat2: :juggle: :clown: :sunny: I'm really sorry. What can I do to make this right again. :thinking: well, maybe with this. In Paris, I was in the Louvre and I made some pictures of a very SPECIAL painting. :sneaky: http://www.pictureupload.de/originals/pictures/190409025646_P1010052.JPG http://www.pictureupload.de/originals/pictures/190409025703_P1010049.JPG hope you like it. :D SOOOOooooo, what did you do on your birthday? Did you get presents? and if, what?

  12. Hey Thank you Have a Nice day God Blesses u

  13. hey thank you! God blesses u :D Have a nice day

  14. Nice!! did u bring me something from Paris? hahaha! hey! I think you have forgotten something about me and today!! :think:

  15. happy birthday, have a wonderful day :)

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