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  1. Got my tickets!! I was waiting at 10EST on the dot and had to wait for over an hour but it was worth it!! I. Can't. Wait. :bomb:
  2. I just bought my ticket for NYC today.... I am so excited! :D
  3. Agreed Truer words were never said before.
  4. Hahaha yeah it was me! :P

  5. didn't we just talk on fb? or was that someone else

  6. omg hi carla

  7. Hahaha there was spam everywhere but it was fun! I spent tons of hours here. :lol: I made a lot of good friends thanks to the lounge. I remember those days, every time you clicked on New Posts a bunch of people had posted it was interesting. HAHAHAHA Yuo
  8. Hello again! :)

  9. When is it that you're seeing her again? I wouldn't see it as a requirement, but my mom usually freaks out big time over everything. Mostly what family thinks about me and whatnot (I wouldn't really care if only my mom wouldn't go all over the top about the smallest things). So if I was in his shoes I will tell my mom, not really asking for her consent because generally people add stuff up to situations just to make it look worse so if I'd told my mom beforehand, she wouldn't have to find out through someone else who would make it look like I am committing incest or corrupting fam
  10. ^What she said... Btw cobalt's input it's always spot on, had forgotten how much I like reading your posts :D ^That too, also talk to your mom if you're gonna jump in.
  11. I was so happy when I saw it! :dance: He's so cocky! :wacky:
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