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  1. Jammen hei! Jeg ser at du er også fra Norge! :cheesy:

  2. NIIICE! I love what he did for the Life in Technicolor and The Escapist tracks! Whenever I'm sad, I just put on Light Through The Veins and I'm happy again:D
  3. Ah! I'm starting to lose my hope for having them in my mailbox before leaving on thursday...:\
  4. I'm wondering about that too! Anyone having any experience about those things? When are people planning to show up?:confused:
  5. Is the opening of the box office moved from 9 to 11? Because when I talked to seetickets some weeks ago they told me that I could collect my tickets from 9 o'clock...
  6. Who's Going? (139 so far!!) (In order to co-ordinate meet-ups, hotels are in red, and gate allocations are in yellow) .: Fix You :. a-chan BOX OFFICE ACNN94 airieslady (Wembley Plaza Hotel at Wembley Stadium) Gate B & C aniskywalker angel_brb ApproximatelyInfinite Gate H & J ariadnasquire Arizzo AS + 2 asia atomgrill beans bear bello-lo Gate H & J beta beubeu2k blue_girl Bones_85 + 1 (Premier Inn - Wembley from the friday to monday!) Gate - Club Wembley East bta5857 (Wembley Plaza Hotel at Wembley Stadium) Gate B & C Busybeeburns (Travelodge -
  7. I see! That sounds a little too good to be true...:thinking: I hope it is though, since I'm picking up my tickets there too:P Maybe those who have general admission tickets can go to whatever gate they want:inquisitive: That would be nice!
  8. Ah! Still waiting for mine to come! Hope they will come before Thursday, because then I'm leaving:) I've ordered 50 from Glow brothers on eBay!
  9. OK! I am sooo happy and relieved right now! I called seetickets, and I can pick up the tickets from 9 that morning and don't have to wait until 3 or 4 as I was told to! Also my problem with bringing the credit card (which belongs to my mother) used to pay the tickets when collecting the tickets is now solved! My mum needs to write a letter, a power of attorney, that says that I am allowed to get the tickets under her name and with a copy of the card. They also will pay back the transaction money we payed extra for getting the tickets sent to us:) Ok, now I finally can breath again... Hope the
  10. No! That's something I have forgotten to check.. Don't think they have... I think I will call them and ask! That should be a lot more easy!:)
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