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  1. I haven't read the rest of the thread - but when/what show was this recorded from? Series of gigs?
  2. Unfortunately thats all I got - just as well too because anymore and my camera would've died right before I met Chris :laugh3: I didn't get all the really good stuff like Life in Technicolour II & the piano solo version of The Hardest Part - was too busy soaking it all up :)
  3. I finally got my video uploaded Not DVD quality or anything - but I love that I at least have a memento I can watch at any time & relive it all. That + my photo with Chris :laugh3:
  4. They left the Brisbane show 1.5hrs after the actual concert finished - I would've spent that long waiting in the car to get out of the carpark so in some cases you might as well just wait :laugh3:
  5. Mercury Rev...... Some of their songs featured immense minute-long instrumental/orchestral/symphonic rock pieces - which I quite enjoyed. The other 95% of the time, + the vocals & stage behaviour were just plain off-putting & weird. Holding his cupped hands up to the roof of the entertainment centre as if he was holding something, for about a minute - I mean WTF was that. We were mimicking the move after the show - and we had a total stranger ask us to hold our pose while he took a photo :laugh3:
  6. Amazing experience - it was just as well there were other people around because after I'd had my photo taken I was a bit lost to be honest :laugh3: As I stepped away after having my photo taken: Chris: Hey mate I've got a question to ask you....*Has photo with someone else*....how old are you mate? Me: *Realizing Chris Martin was talking to me* 17yrs old Chris: 17?.... *takes photo with another person*.....how are most people your age getting their music these days? I don't even remember if I said anything when he asked me that - a few people chimed in & stopped any possibility of an awkward silence :laugh3:
  7. Argh - I have a 28minute highlights video, but youtube only allows for 10minute videos :( EDIT: wrong thread, but oh well.....
  8. Pretty much identical timetable/scheduling - just for reference sake, it was shortly after 12:30am when Chris'/Band Members vans left the complex in Brisbane the other night.
  9. About 30mins after the show finished & everyone had moved outside, I walked back to see, but the glass doors were closed and the staff in white shirts were standing in front of them. I didn't go up to them, but I assumed they'd been closed. I should've bought something before the show :cry:
  10. Brisbane Gig last night. Hung around for an hour and a half after the gig (traffic wasnt moving anyway). Found the driveway entrance to the back of the Entertainment Centre - 30mins later a black van is on its way out, stops in front of us - and out steps Chris! The other guys had already left - but I was stoked nonetheless! There were only like 8-10 people waiting as well - everyone else just left.....
  11. What happened to Speed of Sound?! They played Green Eyes instead which was awesome though......
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w_46cJhM3Fk&fmt=18]YouTube - Glass of Water - Coldplay Brisbane Entertainment Centre 08/03/2009[/ame]
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