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  1. Hi! It's a brilliant idea. Yamanashi, Japan The Scientist
  2. I believe there are so many fans out there in Japan, but in the gigs you can't expect massive sing along except wow in VLV because of the language. It's unbelievably hard to memorise all the lyrics in English though I would say it would be very academically meaningful if I have done. Just different in how concerts are enjoyed here, more like enjoying LISTENing to the band live and sharing a good time with them.
  3. With the app named Radiko, you can listen to the gig as long as you are in Tokyo area. I don't think this is live streaming of the concert worldwide. It's a great pity!
  4. Hi, This is just an idea. Shall we meet up after the gig for coffee and a little chat? It's a good opportunity to get to know one another whether you have tickets or not? Please let me know what you think.
  5. I won the ticket!!!!! I will be at the balcony standing!
  6. Yes, of course. I have checked Yahoo auction site but they are way too expensive. I can't believe that there are some people who re-sell tickets with fake IDs. It's disgusting! I hope I will win a ticket in this second lottery and hope to see you, fellow Coldplayers.
  7. No, we didn't! The band once came as a headliner for a music festival during MX era but not part of MX tour. So all of us waited for this opportunity for ages.
  8. Hi, everyone, I didn't win a ticket and I am looking for someone who has a spare ticket. If you have one and are willing to sell it to me, please send me a direct message. I haven' t seen the band since 2009 and am dying to see them!
  9. Hi Nayelli, how are you? I am very sorry I didn't get back to you earlier though I received a birthday postcard and a Christmas card weeks ago. It really made my day!! I am very much grateful to you for sending me the cards. I have been busy studying for an English exam for my career since October and I took the exam a few days ago. I will not get the results until January but anyway I tried my best. Now I can enjoy the festive season! I hope you have a lovely month and hope to stay in touch!!

  10. I really enjoyed the closing ceremony. Thank you very much to my fellow Coldplayers for keeping me awake. I am very glad to have shared such a wonderful time even though we are all over the world. I hope we will get together some time in the near future soon.
  11. Hi Pete, how are you? I am sorry I haven't been in touch for ages and now I am back. I have no idea how long I haven't visited Coldplaying. There aren't any concerts planned yet for me and I hope they will announce their Asian tour, possibly after Australia and NZ. Now they are touring UK so I hope you have been to their concerts and had a great time.

  12. Yeah, it must have been very hot under the sun. That is what I am worrying about music festivals in summer. Don't want to queue for a long time in such a hot weather, can't stand it!!

  13. Hi Miyuki, Thanks for saying hi and very nice to meet you, too. Will you go to see the band at Fuji Rock in July? I haven't made up my mind to see them yet. I haven't seen them for a while so part of me is telling myself that I must, but I don't think I like music festivals. :-(

  14. Hi and thank you very much for your concern. I am okay though I got scared when the quakes hit last month. Things are getting better now. I live about 300 km away from Fukushima so hope there is little fear of radiation. The aftershock effect appears in every aspect of our daily life. Have scheduled outage of electricity, scarce dairy products and vegetables in supermarkets, shortage of petrol. I hope Japan will regain the natinal strength soon. Oh, by the way, I am really imressed by the operation name by the US Army, which is Operation Tomodachi (means friends). I nearly cried when I heard the name. I really appereciate many counrties' support.

  15. Hi Pete, Thank you very much! I am okay and live about 300 km away from Fukushima so hope there is little radiation in the air. My area is included in the scheduled outage of electricity so have to use electricity very carefully. I was at home when the quakes hit. I thought the floor would collapse. (I live on the first floor.) The hardest and longest quakes I have ever experienced. Think we are kind of used to earthquakes so I hadn't taken small tremors seriously until then. We have still had aftershock tremors which can be felt. Hope no more. I really appreciate words from you and other Coldplayers, which DO MAKE ME SO ENCOURAGED. Watching TV is useful to get infomation on what's going on but sometimes too depressing. Thank you!

  16. Here's the pic of the card I received from my Secret Santa! It's very beautiful and I like those snowflakes!! Thank you, nayelukiss!! I have placed the card at the best spot in my room.:)
  17. I am very happy to post this! :)Today I sent my card to my match. The post office told me that it would take 7-10 days to get to him/her. I also RECEIVED a card from my Secret Santa today! Thaaaaank you very much. I will take a pic of the card I got soon, and post it on the thread.
  18. It was chilly today. It seems that winter has already come!!!

  19. Hi Pete, I have just noticed the conversation between Laura and you, and thought who you two were talking about. :-D Autumn came here at last but we have had slightly warmer autumn so far. How are you?

  20. Hi Laura, How are you? Sorry it's been a long time since I last wrote to you. I have just noticed the conversation between Pete and you, and wondered who you two were talking about. :-D Yes, it's my hand with the fan with the Japanese national flag, hidden in the crowd in the butterfly shower. Have a good day!

  21. I've just sent my PM to Santa! Thank you very much for organising this, Lore and Alison!
  22. Yes, I am interested and would love to participate in the project!!!
  23. Hi everyone, Just stopped by to say hi to everyone I met at LCCC just one year ago. It was an awesome experience! I had never seen any bands in the front row before and had never queued for a gig half a day before it. I really enjoyed all of it. Thanks for sharing the day and happy anniversary!
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