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  1. Hi guys, I haven't visited the forum in a while, but I just watched AHFOD film, and I needed to see the reactions of other coldplayers. I loved it. I remembered why and how I fell in love with Coldplay in the first place, and it brought back so many awesome memories. I've been listening to the albums all day- all the way through in chronological order, in a way I haven't done in a long time. <3
  2. Hey Jimmy! long time no see. When I went to look at the VIP, nothing came up. Crazy. So you're doing Chicago?
  3. We ended up with the 79.50 ones... not what i wanted, but maybe i'll try again in the general sale.
  4. Did anyone get in? I tried with the cp presale code, and couldn't get anything to come up. My husband was able to get some with the citibank card presale. Not great seats, though. :(
  5. Since Chris has said they chose the RAH because they could perform in the round, shouldn't we assume that middle section will be the stage, rather than a general admission standing area? It would be an absolute dream to see them there! Best of luck to all who'll try for tickets!!
  6. I have to leave!!! This is going to be online later, right???
  7. AHH! I didn't realize how much I missed Coldplay and all the new music excitement until just now. :wacky: :heart:
  8. jenflor


    Love the artwork, as well as the simplicity of the typeface, the clothes in the new pictures, etc. Nothing is overworked. Simple and beautiful.
  9. Yes! At least people will be able to pronounce it! It took me a couple of listens, but I'm really liking Magic
  10. Hadn't been on in a while, so thought I was in the wrong place at first! Very festively lovely. Thanks!
  11. :lol: And she gets a shout-out before Charlie Brown on a regular basis now?
  12. I'm out of the loop... what's the deal here?
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