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  1. BBC have confirmed there isn't going to be a 3rd series! :bigcry: Mine too! Yeah, he was such a brilliant Q! :dazzled:

  2. Oh it's all right, I really haven't been following the tour too closely, either. I've only allowed myself to watch one video so far, which was Save Me. :wideeyed: I kind of don't want to follow it too closely because I hope to be surprised as much as possible when I see them live. :D Of course, I've heard a little about it though and seen some pictures, and it certainly seems totally epic so far! :wacko: Oh yeah, and I'm going to have the opportunity to see them twice!! :dance: So are there any songs you're hoping for in particular? :)

  3. Sim, faz-me esse favor e vem cá mais vezes :P é mesmo ridiculo :laugh3:

  4. é o Harrison Ford, no "Blade Runner"! :o já tinha saudades de ti a dizer mal dos meus avatares! :D :lol:
  5. There has to be a 3rd season!! :| They can't leave the show like that! Freddie can't die :( I thought it was so funny, Q was always one of my favorite characters in 007 :awesome: very glad it was him who played it!

  6. :wacky: pronto! estava a brincar! :lol: meu deus, tenho que cá vir mais vezes, isto começa a tornar-se ridiculo...

  7. I honestly haven't followed the new tour that closely :wacky: I know, shame on me! haha But I hope it's amazing!

  8. :lol: Me too! Poor Freddie. :wreck: I really hope there will be a 3rd series. Yes! he's fantastic in Skyfall! :dazzled:

  9. Eu não quero nada, olha agora já não se pode dizer as verdades :inquisitive: para a próxima não falo contigo, não te respondo :snobby:

  10. Congrats! That's so awesome! So what do you think of The 2nd Law and this tour so far? :awesome:

  11. I'm seeing them again in june! :dance: It's going to be epic :D

  12. Yes! I almost died while watching the last episode...:o It was a great episode, but kind of horrible and cruel at the same time :P I saw him in Cloud Atlas and Skyfall too, he was so brilliant!! :dazzled:

  13. D'awwww....que é que queres? haha

  14. Oh, amazing!! :awesome: I'm seeing them for my first time in March. I'm TOO excited!! :bliss:

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