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  1. http://www.billboard.com/news/jay-z-coldplay-sharing-stage-for-las-vegas-1004115568.story#/news/jay-z-coldplay-sharing-stage-for-las-vegas-1004115568.story Jay-Z and Coldplay plan to share the stage in Las Vegas as New Year's Eve headliners at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas casino-resort. Cosmopolitan officials said Monday that the music superstars would also play solo sets with the performances broadcast on the hotel's 65-foot marquee overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan says the concert is part of a three-day invitation-only celebration roughly two weeks after the resort opens. The $3.9 billion resort owned by Deutsche Bank is scheduled to open Dec. 15. Cosmopolitan officials say the New Year's Eve weekend will also include a surprise performance on the resort's pool deck, which overlooks Las Vegas Boulevard. ____________________________________________________________ I guess it's not so much of a private show anymore then. Honestly they should just sell tickets to the public. SO many people (including myself) would want to go to this. Which I am, by the way. Even though I'll only get to see CP on some screen. I need my fix!
  2. I claim Chris' infamous chair hump
  3. The first time I ever heard of Coldplay was when I was watching Much Music or MTV and it was their first interview (2001) on that show and as soon as I saw Chris, I pretty much fell in love with him. I checked out their music and was sold.
  4. LESS THAN AN HOUR ON THE WEST COAST IN CANADA TILL HIS BIRTHDAY!!!! My friend and I got a Birthday cake with his face on it and we're getting custom shirts made as well!
  5. Thanks guys! :D I have 6 in total and I'm most likely going to be getting another one done in the next month! I have 2 other CP tattoos; the chorus to 'fix you' on the side of my right thigh and 'give me love over this' from politik on the side of my right forearm. And then I just have other tattoos that aren't related to them whatsoever hahah I would have gotten ALL their initials but Chris is my biggest influence so this one would be just for him :)
  6. I got another one about a month ago.. hahahaa. It's on the back of my left leg. Right on the muscle.. so it didn't feel so pleasant. I wanted to get the same guitar that chris used in this video : [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2pj03YZ7u8]YouTube- coldplay - Swallowed in the sea (acoustic live)[/ame] but my tattoo artist was getting irritated by how I was so anal about my CP tats so he asked if it was ok if he could be a little creative. It doesn't really look like the guitar but here's the thing. You probably can barely see it but I actually got Chris' full initials (C.A.J.M) on the neck of the guitar where it should say gibson. Everyone thinks it's clever because they don't think it's a CP tattoo, just a regular one. here it is:
  7. Woooooot!! Wonderful! :dance: Congrats on this last CP tattoo, it's beautiful :smug:

  8. I used a different guitar hahaha but my artist did his own little thing and got creative with it. I still did get chris' initials. If you look hard enough you can see it :)[IMG]

  9. My tattoo artist made it SLIGHTLY different from the guitar I wanted but it has the same little design sort of! Chris' initials are on the neck where it's supposed to say "Gibson and it's very hard to take a picture of your calf hahaha. I didn't get it done till today though because my tattoo artist was so busy but he finally did it and I really like it. He made it a little more creative than I expected but I still like it none the less :) if you look really hard you can see chris' initials, I just noticed that hahaha.[IMG]

  10. Ooooh! Haha, he doesn't like CP related tatoos? I love that videooooo! :heart: Right :rolleyes:

  11. TOMORROW!!! I'm so excited. But I'm getting a different guitar now because once I showed it to my tattoo artist, he wanted to smack me so bad hahaha. He's done all of my cp tats so far and he KNOWS that this guitar had something to do with cp so I'm tricking him by using a different guitar that chris used in this video [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2pj03YZ7u8"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2pj03YZ7u8[/ame] and I'm using Chris' full name so he won't suspect anything hahaha.

  12. I wanna see it once you get it :wacko:

  13. Haha :p When are you getting it?

  14. As soon as I get home I will! I'm so excited! :dance: My mom is going to kill me hahaha

  15. Alright, good plan :) Dont'forget to show me once you've got it!

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