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  1. I need to visit this site more often! I :heart: you!!! Thanks again. :)

  2. Yea, I wish I could sleep better! :sleep: Nah, I guess not. but most people seem to have it even if they rarely us it. :P

  3. *Waves* hey Frengeritas.
  4. :lol: I am taking naps in between classes. I keep forgetting things and getting my schedule mixed up. :thumbsdown: By the way do you use facebook? :)

  5. :lol: I am taking naps in between classes. I keep forgetting things and getting my schedule mixed up. :thumbsdown: By the way do you use facebook? :)

  6. I'd do it... if I werent so cheap. :)
  7. This week i have done so little. (STILL NO JOB!!) but i am crossing my fingers for an interview!

  8. Aye. I do have a facebook account. and yeah that is crazy to have a pregnancy scare at that age. I haven yet and I hope I won't ever. Hopefully all mine are planned. And three hours is actually good. Fresh air much? :hug: How is school terrible? You cheer? Wow, busy girl! Good luck with all of that. :thumbsup:

  9. It was interesting to say the least. i have been missing a lot of sleep and its really messed with my head. I knew it was spring break and spent sunday worrying about an exam that isnt until after spring break. you?

  10. :thinking: i will read the rest of this later. until then hello wonderful frengers and have a lovely day. :)
  11. Its not friday. :angry: Its Monday. look at the calendar CRESTS!! *points!!* :P

  12. I am afraid to go on mewsite its been several months :uhoh: So I'll only come here :P
  13. :hug: thanks, doing much better now. i wanted to be a lawyer... :P youll know soon enough :) and i had to edit this bc i dont know where my mind was... but i made the mistake of studying during spring break :confused: isnt sleep deprivation grand? :rolleyes:

  14. Is it bad I cannot remember my weekend? :uhoh:

  15. Are you kidding me? It took you all day to type that out? :angry: I am very disappointed in you :cry2:

  16. 2002 is a long time but i guess for a forum that's a lot of posting. XD I also hate it! You're just waiting and waiting and they finally send a message and it's "So, how was your weekend?" W-T-H? You spent a minute typing that? :dozey: Maybe I am just impatient :shrug:

  17. :dance: I woudnt have guessed that. :( Lol, but i love the name. :thumbsup: I am jealous of your good typing skills but usually I type so bad because I am going too fast. I don't like typing slow. :blank: And the board is at 4 million posts already? Btw, I never read the bio on this forum, how long has it been up? :p

  18. and actually in that post before i meant to use :facepalm: oh well :) sorry for thw s*p*a*m*

  19. i meant typed... :shame:

  20. wow that post was poorly types. wuh-oh :uhoh:

  21. Its alright baybay, we can dance as bad as we want to. :dance: :cool: :hug: aww what a cute smiley too :nice: All day? :o Have you broken any records since Ive been absent? :lol: Its grrrreAT. i AM STILL LEARNING ABOUT IT BUT SO FAR SO GOOD. :d crap i hit caps lock instead of shift. :dozey: h8 when that happens. :dozey: And Crests I wish you nothing but the best in life. :) Goodnight. Ttys <3

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