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  1. Very.. three months, I guess. Also, I put some misheard Mew lyrics on this site but turns out Sofia did too for Mica (recognized her username). Here's mine. vooote
  2. ALso, I've gotta get going now. But I'll be back laterz. Bye crests. :dance: *invents a waveing emoticon* : )

  3. Looks whos spamming now. :P It is adorable, isnt it? :3

  4. hahaha. @ the end of your first post. : ) I would do the same. :cry: Hopefully we both to see them... because if another one of my best friends get to see them and I don't I am gonna :bigcry:

  5. Lol, some of my friends come up with new nicknames to call me every other day. *sigh* The ones I've listed are enough. :P
  6. I think that has happened to me before when I am called my full name. I usually just get Liv, Livi, Livia, Libby or Oli mostly. :3 Someone has even called me Liviana...
  7. That definitely made me happy. I was worried it'd be a lot of Magne singing but its Jonas. Its so beautiful. : )

  8. You mean that movie with that guy and that other guy?

  9. Yeah... that's my name. I often wish I had a different oen though. :( But It could be worse. When I was younger (like 16) I thought the name Bluebonnet Rose Princess was appropriate for a girl. :P
  10. Meh, probably. I can't put my finger on it but I've seen him somewhere. :thinking:

  11. I also love it! I have been telling people about Apparatjik left and right. :dance:

  12. That's my name, it's okay to wear it out. I don't mind. :)
  13. I love the person in your Avatar. He's superb. :thumbsup:

  14. Have I? ;) [IMG] :P

  15. *has missed a lot* *stays out of it*
  16. He looks danm good in your Avatra too. :o

  17. Poor Jonas. He can't help that. Though next to Bo and Silas he can look Giant. :P

  18. I didn't know what to say above, but my spamming is unintentional. :) Also, I forget about the "edit post" button. ^__^
  19. I don't spam... I just forget that... Um... :uhoh:
  20. :laugh4: I shall add a new avatar today! Where is the "determined" smiley? Where's Ian... *Search* jk :P

  21. btw the *jealous* was to the 156 :)
  22. I would but people say I have bad taste in avatars. :dozey: can u beleeeve dat?? :rolleyes:

  23. awwh. :loved: :heart: :dance: im late reaplying to your legit dancing... therefore i shall do a dance of apology. :sad: :dance:

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