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  1. Hi I'm sorry this is so very late, but thanks for accepting my friend request! :)

  2. I see myself in the last video! :dance: I was in the red coat :dance: And you were camping out with Amy and Marisa? :awesome: I love her, she's my best friend. :hug:
  3. I got really good pictures guys! They are all on my facebook though, so I need to try to upload them to flickr. :dance: I got front row, so I was really close :wideeyed: It was incredible. *Christa 42* I think I saw you, you're in a lot of my pictures hahah :laugh3: I believe you were wearing a yellow shirt? :thinking: Well here's the link to my facebook for those of you who are my friend on there, http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2114556832110.2100637.1491360631&type=3 :dance: I'll write a review later. :)
  4. I miss you toooo :( you should visit me at some point!

  5. jojobeano I missy you. :(

  6. Nicole! So since like, NO ONE goes on the IWFCM thread anymore I wanted to make sure you saw this: I LOVE your new story. It's really well written and, well it had me hooked from the first paragraph. :nice: Keep it up!

  7. Lol^^ I'm making my own shirt too, I don't have the money to buy one of them... But me and my friends hope to be front row :dance:
  8. Will anyone be putting it up on youtube, I had work so I missed it. :(
  9. At about 10:30 I believe :thinking:... I'm not positive actually :shrug:
  10. ^ My advice to you is to just try to get them now, you dont have to buy them, just keep trying and see what you get. if you get anything better, then buy those tickets and return the other ones. It's easy, you just call live nation and they will refund you your money. :nice: I wish you luck! :hug:
  11. You just have to keep trying, don't take the first pair they give you, they're usually shitty. :\ I actually got a refund on the first tickets that I got, they were in section 101 row lke s or something, and the seats were all the way to the left.. On my phone I found tickets for section 103 Row D seats 109-111, so it's like isle seats that are closer to the stage. :D YEY FOR RETURNS
  12. I GOT FOURTH ROW TICKETS; DEAD CENTER! :dance::wideeyed::dead: Finally... the ticketing distribution system is on my side. :heart:
  13. I agree with the Erodes us in the rain actually! That sounds correct, I really couldn't make it out last night and I could of sworn it sounded like roses, but now I can hear the erodes us, I'm going to update my lyrics to that. I still have absolutely no clue with the "Lion's den" line though and that "saints one"... :uhoh:
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