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  1. This! The album is so human, raw and honest. Ive been listening for a while since the leak too. The live performance uplifts everything. I must say especially ‘When I Need A Friend’ really came to life in Jordan. Love chris singing solo in the live version. Literally couldn’t be happier with this album. Im glad it is not hit single focussed. It is a beautiful wholesome masterpiece. Coldplay you smashed it. I shouldnt rank but right now it’s my favorite Coldplay album. Adds the best from every previous one and some more.
  2. Didnt know there was a screening. Where is it? Might go then. But did already sort of have plans haha.
  3. Pff 'When I Need A Friend' is so damn good and even more impressing in the Jordan version. With only chris singing in the beginning.
  4. Am i missing something, did they play sparks during the sunrise event?
  5. Nice song, understand why its slightly different that the ones on the album and didn't make the cut. Still very nice though, what an era!! For those who don't know how to listen to the track on spotify. Download a VPN program, set it for Japan. go to spotify.com, make a free account. Go to the account page and click edit profile. Set the country to Japan, if it's not already. Then input the spotify link (in the browser) shared earlier above. Click play, login with the Japanese account. Ready to listen.
  6. Oh cool, didn't know that! Great album.
  7. Maybe a Bon Iver song? Has a of organ or wind instruments with effects layered over them. ‘Hey Ma’ for example.
  8. That is very probable. Or a way of saying it doesn’t matter which flag you carry, we’re quite the same in the end.
  9. Anyone got this same association with Ékó? Had to dig in my records for a bit but realised it reminds me a lot of the song Paul Simon - ‘The Coast’/‘Spirit Voices’ and actually the full album ‘ Rhythm Of The Saints’. Or even ‘Graceland’ album, using the african references. If you like the song and don’t know Rhythm Of The Saints, check it out.
  10. Definitely one of my favorites on the album. It reminds me a lot of the song Paul Simon - ‘The Coast’ and actually the full album ‘ Rhythm Of The Saints’. Or even ‘Graceland’, using the african references and biblical characters. If you like the song and don’t know Rhythm Of The Saints, check it out.
  11. Likely to be a small mess-up because normally those promotions are targeted only on specific countries. That's why you didn't see them last time around.
  12. True, also felt some Bon Iver inspiration here and there. His last albums is unbelievably good too.
  13. AROBTTH EL X&Y Parachutes VLVODAAHF MX GS AHFOD This would be mine for now, I really like what they've done with their experimental side on this new album. You can really hear something from every album they've ever made. A lot of Parachutes vibe acoustic songs. Plus the only real POP (Orphans) song on the album has real depth and layered meaning to it while remaining an upbeat song. Which is refreshing compared to Paradise, ETIAW, AOAL, POC and so on. EL Album favorites: Daddy, Trouble In Town, Orphans, Eko. Don't dislike anything on it.
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