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  1. Hey, can somebody maybe pm me the link? haven't heard it yet and can't find it anywhere.
  2. Brilliant song. Mix of a lot of songs I like, DAAHF, 42, Atlas, MTM, Scientist. And perfectly in it's own new style. 10:18, loving that, f* radio edits. Gotta say I hear some Queen influence in there too (lyrics and piano) and track length haha. And some elbow. 10/10
  3. Maybe I'm a little late in this, first time back on forum since a while. But is 0:34 in the trailer Muse x Coldplay? Or Nothing But Thieves?
  4. That would make sense nowadays. I work for a label myself. The way Spotify works is that its more engaging to release small bundles because you can effectively boost 1 song per album, ep or single. So could be that they will release a few EP's in 'waterfall' adding a song each few weeks to an EP product. To boost popularity in the systems. Would make sense, spheres, planets. 3 planets, 5 songs each (hope) heheh.
  5. I think there will be, so it can go viral on TikTok. The dancer setup reminds me of the Michael Jakson's Thriller video btw.
  6. I guess but I kinda like that it wasn’t pumped up. The deeper meaning in those song lyrics (Orphans) about damascus bombings etc still hits me, with a song setup that happy. Now this new one is mostly feel good and that’s nice too.
  7. Gotta say Orphans and now Higher Power, they are smashing lead singles. The rest of the album will be interesting too i think, the vibe feels right. Feels more inspired than during the AHFOD time for instance. We got oldplay in Everyday Life. Bring it on with some smash records for the live shows.
  8. With them from parachutes and absolutely love this one. Have long wanted a band like Coldplay to pick up sounds from those 80's drum patterns. Feeling some Phil Collins vibes here. Excited for the album!!
  9. aah yes ok i see. Doesn't show up in their new music friday yet. You are right.
  10. So.. we can hear the song in 5 minutes right? It's almost 00:00 in Australia which means it will be available there on Spotify.
  11. This! The album is so human, raw and honest. Ive been listening for a while since the leak too. The live performance uplifts everything. I must say especially ‘When I Need A Friend’ really came to life in Jordan. Love chris singing solo in the live version. Literally couldn’t be happier with this album. Im glad it is not hit single focussed. It is a beautiful wholesome masterpiece. Coldplay you smashed it. I shouldnt rank but right now it’s my favorite Coldplay album. Adds the best from every previous one and some more.
  12. Didnt know there was a screening. Where is it? Might go then. But did already sort of have plans haha.
  13. Pff 'When I Need A Friend' is so damn good and even more impressing in the Jordan version. With only chris singing in the beginning.
  14. Am i missing something, did they play sparks during the sunrise event?
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