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  1. girlstar


    OH MY GOD...aaaaaahhhh :/ i forgot about him! repressed the memories lol aww nah thats mean...does he still come here?? ohh he was a classic...well i know now ren still comes on here...but like eric and thom and amanda and richard..and noni and lea...and ooh ooh kirsten too!! :lol:
  2. girlstar


    I dunno I just didnt have enough time i guess...and i kinda forgot about here! i know that sounds really mean but i dont mean it like that way!! and everyone kinda just left here who id talk to and they are still gone it seems.. :(
  3. girlstar


    Haha nah...I think I was just the original...you've taken over now!! :P :D :cool:
  4. girlstar


    Haha yep I think so?? I dont remember!! :bigcry: I havent been here in ages its really strange! :stunned:
  5. girlstar


    Haha yep thats exactly right :P ...I have no idea how it started actually..i cant really remember. We were just the V.I.P moles...i think it might of started from austin powers maybe? I cant remember and thats really bad!! :embarrased: Yep!
  6. girlstar


    ReN! :D :D omg i havent been on this in SO long. it was soo random i dunno why but i was just bumming on the computer lol and i came here and my thread is still here and everything and wow there are all these new people and theres like no one i no or remember hehe..... jawd it haas seriously been months and months since i last spoke to you Ren!! how are you?? good i hope :D this is soo weird hehe you're my mole and always will be!! :kiss:
  7. My dad had tripple bypass surgery and has high blood pressure and my mum has depression but thats it.
  8. To know your height in feet, you divide your height in cm by 30.48 Eg I'm 174 cm so divided by 30.48 it gives me 5.70 (5"7)
  9. 5"5/5"6..? I dunno, one of those :lol: I'm 5"7..just :D
  10. I remember you, CountingDemons. Back in the old days. :D
  11. ^ Ahh true.. :/ Woah, my example came to life :lol: Hmm so Terra...does it annoy you when people say "oh a 16 and a 21 year old is so wrong blah blah"...I'm sure people have said that to you when you and your boyfriend first got together? Did people frown upon it & if so, do they still? And was there ever any issues with either of you (you or your b/f) about age..like at the start did either of you care, maybe because your family or friends might of, or how it would be looked upon? Sorry if this is too personal I'm just really curious now that there is actually somewhere here in that situation...because I think age difference is perfectly fine. :D
  12. *agrees* Its weird that that isnt a big deal, yet when I say a 16 year old with someone 5 years older (which was just an example btw) people are like "oh god nooooo!". Even though that 16 year old is only 2 years younger than you Fif :idea2:
  13. Haha this reminds me of my first "party". I was like 14 and had about 2 drinks and was off my face. :lol:
  14. Haha nah, not really. I'm 17 dating a 19 year old and I dont see a problem with it. I was just curious what everyone else thought of it, because for me I've always been attracted to older guys. Aside from huge age differences like an 18 year old and a 42 year old (lol), I honestly dont see a problem with it. I think it has more to do with the mental age of both people, and you have to really be sure of what each person wants out of it.
  15. If that's right, then you could date someone who's 15. :P
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