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  1. Looking for : 2 tickets for show in Lyon, preferably seats (Cat.1) Thanks!
  2. Brest, France God put a smile upon your face (live)
  3. Tickets in the poooockeeeet !!! I'm so happy :lol:
  4. Tickets on sale NOW !!!! I just bought a pair *happy* *happy* *happy
  5. Friends. What do you have for breakfast?
  6. I managed to get tickets on Friday indeed. They released very few!
  7. Aaaaaah guyyyyyys I just got tickets for my boyfriend and I !!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaaaaaah we'll be there, at least for the 2d show :D *happy *happy *happy
  8. Still nothing here for me, no ticket, not one! We'll be coming from France, flights+hotel booked, but no ticket.... :(
  9. If U2 was to play a small venue like RAH, the problem would be the same as for Coldplay I guess. This matter appears mainly due to the size of the venue. If Coldplay was playing stadiums, just like the previous tour, there would be no scandal.
  10. Just bought tickets for their gig in Hyde Park the day after Coldplay's at RAH. At least I have tickets for that one gig...
  11. Double failure, double crying fest, I'm desperate... NO TICKETS AT ALL :( That was terrible... Horrible horrible website, and so many tickets on viagogo & Co ...
  12. I'm adding me and my boyfriend to the list, you never know....
  13. I wish I can post tomorrow : "Gigsandtours put a smile upon my face"
  14. Link is in the email sent by Coldplay a few weeks ago regarding Paris, Tokyo and London tickets
  15. Hey guys! I woke up wondering: which day are we??? Was stressed for a bit and realised it's only Thursday :p Btw I'm trying to get tickets for my boyfriend and I, he's trying the same, and a friend is trying for himself, so one ticket (maybe 2 if we don't manage, so then we have only one more to find).
  16. Congrats! :) What price were those tickets then? £125?
  17. No idea... We don't have any chart for the gig yet, everything is very confused, but Arena and Row 1 sounds good. Can you see if arena is standing or seating? Is there a chart for the presale? @benny0353: I would not try that, they could cancel either or both orders if your name is there twice. Use your fiance's name for her order if she's coming along.
  18. Gigsandtours has deleted every seat and price categories now.... Is everything changing before D-day?
  19. But amazon presale with code is taking place on seetickets right ? Not gigsandtours... Maybe subscribers to the Coldplay newsletter will receive a code in addition to the link already received?
  20. I have no more nails to bite and we're not Friday yet...
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