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  1. So turns out my photos look great on my phone but not as great on a computer :rolleyes: Typical. Anyway here they are: [ATTACH]4145[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4146[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4147[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4148[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4149[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4150[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]4151[/ATTACH] ETA: Cheeetaz, glad you got back in one piece! I didn't get back until 4am. Worst train journey ever.
  2. Such an amazing show! I cannot believe they played Til Kingdom Come... :dazzled:That's got to be the surprise of the evening. They were so much better than the NME Tour. Man I loved it. Though I'm exhausted now and a sleep on the train home is beckoning. I'll share my photos as soon as I can
  3. Can't believe we're barrier! So insane. Will snap as much as possible between flailing. Can't believe barrier at NME and BRITS in a week. I'm going to die
  4. Seeing all this makes me super excited!! I'm at Clapham Junction-- shan't be long now! Definitely more excited for this than the NME Awards last week...
  5. Well I'm officially on a train fro Southampton up. I should be at The O2 for about 6:30-45 to meet people at Slug and Lettuce. I'm wearing a bright red 'Stark Industries' Bomber Jacket to spot me :) See people soon!
  6. Also been confirmed by the O2 that everything else is open. So I'll see people in the Slug and Lettuce from 6pmish onwards.
  7. Hey, I found a hostel bed for tonight for a tenner at Russell Square Smart Hostel. Might be worth you booking in too!
  8. I'd recommend booking in advance if you can. I imagine the waiting times at the venue after kick out will be extremely long-- especially as the Mastercard after party is due to finish around the same time!
  9. I'm good for meeting at The Slug and Lettuce. I'm just double checking with The O2 as to whether we can access the rest of the venue-- but as the cinema is still open it seems likely that the remaining bars/eateries will be open for public access... Normally are but then I've never been to an Awards show here before. For reference I look like this: https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/672691127506571264/O0aCb_ou.jpg except y'know minus the green/blue.
  10. Yep, I'll be around. I'll pop in to see where everyone is and come and find people. I used to say look for the green and blue hair, but I'm having that all cut off in an hour so...!
  11. IndigO2 Twitter just responded to me: @nattatouillez Hi Natt, you can queue after 8 outside of the venue! Have fun So there we go. I'll definitely head up and prowl the area from 6-7ish and hopefully get a nice spot in the queue :D
  12. Last time I queued for entry at one of their shows (think it was Snow Patrol) and was told there was no queuing before a certain time they had barriers across and a lot of security who escorted you from the area every time... Afraid not. I'm going back to city centre (hostel is at Russell Square because of the nightbus)
  13. I'm planning on getting up there for about 6pm as well. So if you need some company at the bar (I'm flying solo for the eve, hurrah, and therefore need to make more Coldplaying friends :p)
  14. Yeah that's my thoughts. I would really like to be on barrier but I reckon it's going to be a pain by the looks of it... I'm so confused what is going on. Thankfully I've found myself a hostel for the night as they say that the show is curfewed for 1:30am.
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