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  1. anyone see this :D http://www.whosay.com/gwynethpaltrow/photos/34058
  2. I have decided my comeback to the boards will be bringing the Willuv to page 1.... why it is on page 2 i will never know :D
  3. its probably legit... i dont think coldplay would use the f word on their front page for people to see. its still doing it for me too...
  4. we have till next week! keep voting (or get others to since you can only vote once)
  5. thanks!!! now i know how hard it is to raise votes.. damn that lorenzo in 1st
  6. thanks guys! tell everyone! ....oh we have awhile to beat mark!
  7. chance of winning these soccer cleats! never really win anything! My sentence entry starts with "No Cleats. Me Suck" here's the link: http://www.soccercleats101.com/ please vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks... catch me on the coldplay (section) boards!
  8. here is an awesome version of Spanish Rain: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_U6S6Z6APw&feature=player_embedded]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_U6S6Z6APw&feature=player_embedded[/ame]
  9. hahaha, i laughed a lot at that line, "We're all just working for Will Champion!" haha. oh man CM you're so funny. and since Will is the seal of approval its close to being true
  10. 2 things: from the H4HN video I wonder what medical experience Will has? And now i can't remember the second one haha
  11. direct messaged, we were talking about the photography she has been taking and how she does it, i am a photographer myself and i asked her what was her secret
  12. the day ode to deoderant, coldplay's song they sent to studio's was released to the internet via someone who got an original copy of the cassette tape! A good day for all!
  13. the title should be Happy St. Ode's Day...but I forgot...but...i rememebered...and its off red very dark, not on purpose, sorry its hard to read
  14. hm... i am not sure what... lol i usually just have red words...
  15. Happy St. Ode's Day everyone! I would have forgotten if I had not seen it posted 62 pages back this day lol. :)
  16. hahh i submitted that question to the oracle if they could make copies of the puppets but no answer :(
  17. New pic from the BeeHive of them signing the auction things via their twitter, beehive news, nonetheless!
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