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  1. :dance: have been waiting for this!! :D
  2. I just finished these minimalist posters/illustrations of Win's shirts: :)
  3. neither am I :p maybe wait a bit and hope it'll arrives

  4. what happens now? :laugh3::laugh3: do i wait a until your card arrives? or what? :laugh3: im so not good at this. :P

  5. whut? that's horrible! I even sended it in an envelope so it would go faster :(

  6. Celien! :( Your card hasn't arrived. I received a card from Belgium last week and it was sent on May 2. Probably got lost somewhere. :(

  7. when I saw the tweet about the 6 chickens, all my fangirl feelings came rushing back. :bomb: :laugh3::laugh3:
  8. my head is aching right now. i just cant believe what happened.
  9. Messi breaking records tonight. 50 goals in Liga. 72 in all competitions.
  10. oh, well I'm also excited about postcards :lol:

  11. yes. our post is slow :sick: anyway, im glad to know that it might arrive this coming week, because im also expecting other postcards to be arriving this week. :bomb::bomb: i get too excited over postcards. sorry. :laugh3:

  12. yes it was a great card! oh didn't know it took that long :surprised:

  13. oh yey! :dance: i hope you liked the card i sent you. :) your card hasn't arrived yet. hopefully this week since it usually takes 3-4 weeks for postcards from europe to arrive here. ill inform you when it arrives. :nice: excited! hahahaha

  14. yes I have :) even sended one back already, about 2 weeks ago I think don't you have it already?

  15. Hi Celien! Just wondering if you have received my postcard? :nice:

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