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  1. i didn't know where to ask, so let it be here ... a while ago somewhere here on coldplaying i saw the photo collage of the band through different eras .. i can't find it now. if someone knows what i mean, please help :)
  2. it IS real, it´s hotel´s room called Panic Room :) (i´d rather call it MX wall :D ) check out : http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2XvbXV/cargocollective.com/bigaddict/Panic-Room to let one´s brain get rest from mind-blowing graffiti wall time to time .. probably :D
  3. ah, this room ... the MX-ish room!!!
  4. none of them .. it´s rare thing, worth posting :D any song suggestion to change it?!
  5. will or did the boys walk a red carpet?? could you please tell me ... I have BAFTA streaming open simultaneously, so i am getting a bit confused :)
  6. I sincerely hope there will be online streaming on official site .. it seems so director´s cut is the streaming we need to watch :) and it´s 5am for me, oh god, worth to stay up for it?! :S
  7. do u mind if i share couple of screenshots from my favourite Yellow performance .. old but good I´d love to attend this kind of concert
  8. 3 days ago, late in the night , around 2 am, one of my neighbors was playing FIX YOU so so loud, i could´t sleep. Every time the song was about to finish, he/she replayed it from the chorus or guitar riff part. i almost got mad in the end!!!! :D thanks god it was Coldplay and not some annoying artist :D
  9. ^thank you, dear! btw, u need to send me your address. remember, i´ve got something to send you
  10. girls could you please post the very new picture of Chris walking with Brian Eno. I could´t find it as fast as i wanted, so i need your help
  11. As i remember, one of their Grammy nominations is from the Pop Category, isn´t it? Coldplay do trigger confusion :D
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