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  1. yo, i didnt even know there was one. i thought it shut down

  2. youp, it took me that long to see the message ;D havent been here since forever....

  3. yeah i missed this place :/ im trying to enjoy summer ;D

  4. kaip jum egzaminai sekės? :nice:
  5. I know right :disappointed: so how is everyone doing?
  6. :hug: how are you? :nice:

  7. hey girls!! sorry for not being around D: i had exams and a lot of trouble with my internship but now im free as a bird for a week! how is everyone doing? :heart:
  8. Kitą savaitę pas killerių kažkaip reikia nusigauti, o nuo liepos išvykstu į nyderlandus praktikos atlikti ^^
  9. Lost is the.best.show.ever. :escaping:
  10. Šiandien iš ryto žiūriu: pilnas kiemas pingvinu
  11. kalėdom.... bet rimtai, da fuk, nusibodo jau ;/
  12. nice representation :lol:
  13. būčiau važiavusi, bet vasarą reikia praktiką atlikti DD:
  14. D: varot kas pas killerius? :P i wish i could </3
  15. i really hope thats not the case DD: im still waiting for a little miracle....
  16. but how does one loose an ID? i mean....how??? how am i still alive
  17. yeah im gonna wait a little till it shows up in the most obvious place ever, and if it doesnt happen by next week, im gonna get a new one </3
  18. idk D: i did a strip search of my room and its not there. if it doesnt show up next week, im gonna burn it down
  19. i lost my ID DD: so from now on call me Peter :nice:
  20. there is nothing sadder than a drunk girl snogging with guys :/
  21. yeah some people do get annoying when they're drunk :/ tho it really depends on a person. there are happy drunks, sad drunks, annoying drunks and etc ;D
  22. yeah thats the point, you're not boring at all :nice:
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