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  1. that is a very mean thing to say! just assuming someone is boring cause they dont go to parties? usually its quite the opposite, the ones who go to parties (clubs pubs etc) are the ones who are boring cause the main reason for that its just to get drunk and do silly things under the influence of alcohol rather than having an intelligent conversation and getting to know a person. aka having fun without getting drunk. im not saying that you are boring! from the conversations i've had with you over the years i can tell that you are a fun person, but i'd rather if you didnt call people here
  2. yeah X.X it was scary, but very interesting ;DD
  3. once in belgium, i almost got hit by an orange
  4. a mixture of lynx and crocs? lynx wearing crocs
  5. I love you in the most heterosexual way
  6. thanks, me and my boyfriend (coffee) are gonna celebrate it gooood.
  7. did you think that today is valentines day? ;O
  8. why is everyone falling down ;DD
  9. its it possible to get a hamburger AND a drink? :O
  10. it is! it has polar bears on it ;O
  11. hahah congrats on your 7k posts molly ;D
  12. when i was 17 i used to drink cola ;O i still do. i have a can and it says "i like you" ;D
  13. haha that sounds dangerous ;D
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