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  1. no sad faces! everyone come here and have a good time! dayum im so hungry even tho i just ate
  2. a bit sleepy D: you?

  3. good morning :mellow:

  4. it's after 1am so its doubtful i will meet them :blank: talk to you some other time! have a nice day :nice:
  5. i only speak lithuanian and english :disappointed: maybe a little russian. but very little :lol:
  6. oh thats so cool :surprised:
  7. found it on the internet: The problem for you pronouncing the ch is that that sound does not exist in english. In holland it's pronounced in two ways: the hard guttural g, or a softer version, depending on where one lives in Holland. I think you should go for the softer version: try hissing from your throat like an angry cat :) MACH (the a as in mArdi grAs) tuld. You might even leave the u out, the last part is very short. Machtld.
  8. though it's hard to pronounce :lol:
  9. awwww thats so cute :nice: oh well here it goes. now i need to remember how to write my address :lol:
  10. but if you send me one i will feel bad that i cant send you anything :(
  11. where are you now then? :nice:
  12. i kinda feel sorry for him, cause he's not a bad actor and he will be remembered as that vampire for the rest of his career D:
  13. i hate twilight but i like robert pattison cause hes so british i cant even
  14. i just realized how soft is my blanket compared to all the others
  15. oooh a card from costa rica :surprised:
  16. brb i have to make like five beds not like make them, but you know...prepare the blankets and etc. i make beds for living
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