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  1. oh geez D: thats hard D: yesterday i almost died because of waking up at 7. im so weak :disappointed:
  2. i promise i am too ;D /thats a delicious coffee i slept till 12something. i would have slept more but my cousin woke me up cause its his bday ;D
  3. omg he totally looks like guy ;DD awww diana, im in your sig *feels honored* thank you :blush: but good night, im tired of wrestling with animals all day xD
  4. oh its normal for me to shed like a dog O.o i have a lot of hair :O
  5. im actually trying to grow out mine as long as possible ;D and then chop them the hell off xD
  6. and i only own combs for guest so i wouldnt look too weird xDD
  7. i havent done that since 1999. im serious
  8. yeah i do that too! cause there are way too many distractions at home DD:

  9. i woke up with red eyes and a headache. tried to remember if i wrestled a bear last night, but didnt find any claw marks. either it didnt happen or im just good at fighting with bears.
  10. im hyper today, i didnt sleep enough
  11. yeah and its always better not to delay things D:

  12. how early do you have to wake up? D:

  13. oh noes D: i have a day off tomorrow :O

  14. i did!!!!! i was like a zombie and didnt understand a single thing in the class but omg i did ;DDD

  15. but who knows if i wake up?? prolly not ;D but i promise to try xDD

  16. still better than nothing :P i have to wake up at 7 tomorrow D:

  17. did you at least go back to sleep? :P

  18. i thought i was hungry so i ate a lot. too much. now i cant move. oh happy days
  19. i cant decide whether im hungry or full
  20. right now im at school and i cant be bothered to do anything productive. stupid internet D:

  21. i dont really know what im doing 80% of the time D:

  22. i knew it was gonna be poop. just didnt know on what extent :lol:
  23. i have so much stuff to do D: i just ate. a lot. now im too full xDD
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