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  1. where did you go? :( join as in the cake thread!

  2. well...you couldnt go, so it wasnt your fault, its not like you said no, cause you thought it would be boring :nice:
  3. i dont know xD probably didnt get enough coffee :lol:
  4. awwwww D: i didnt know that :surprised:
  5. how did you get asked? O.o
  6. yeah it was a gif :lol: also his triangle eyebrows :heart:
  7. ahahahah i did not see that one coming ;DDDD now i cant stop staring
  8. awww ;D i havent listened to that song in ages :surprised:
  9. luckily the other were around my age, except the drunk one he also wanted to set me up with his son (he wasnt there) so he asked me if i was single and i said no xDD then he was like 'but there is no love right?' and i convinced him that i was deeply in love xDD
  10. its coldplay :disappointed:
  11. i was in this compartment thing where like 8 people sit in it and i was the only girl, so he was kinda picking on me D: luckily the other guys were really nice
  12. when you're still waiting for the snow to fall doesnt really feel like christmas at all
  13. i had to spend about 4hrs with a drunk person in a train. it was so annoying D:
  14. i see ;O if i dont have a reason to wake up, i cant ever wake up before 11 D:

  15. for me its snow :O we had a little snow in october. me and my bro went around thinking it was christmas xD
  16. awww such a protective dad :nice: what did he yell? ;D
  17. did you have to go anywhere? :P

  18. i dont get a tree in this house D: and my parents are not bothered enough to put the tree in their house so they wait for me to comeback xD
  19. when did you wake up? :P

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