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  1. it's best that you don't get one. i recently got a cell phone that has internet on it & now i'm on facebook 24/7. it's just so addicting! i'm never able to get anything accomplished. facebook is just :evil:

  2. No that must have been another Violet, I don't have a Facebook :)

  3. i'm not a creeper btw, lol. it's just i think i added you then you declined me thinking i was

  4. hey, are you violet a. porter on facebook?

  5. Doesn't he sing all the time?
  6. That sounds like a really great plan :)

  7. well, chris martin sang w/ kanye west on homecoming, a song about chicago, but for some reason coldplay did not come to chicago in 2009! & i just didn't go to concerts before then. but i have a feeling there gonna tour summer 2011, the summer after i graduate high school!! i will go to a concert no matter what state, or country they perform in!

  8. Sadly I haven't. My parents always tell me school is more important than concerts, and when I had breaks they refused to let me go somewhere else :sad: How about you?

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