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  1. Now that I think of it, the 'plastic', unnatural feeling MX gave to me is explained. It looked more like self-persuasion of happiness than actual feeling. Perhaps, Chris is returning to being more honest with himself, though with much pain and difficulty.
  2. I don't get why two people, who claim to love each other have to separate... Can't believe it. I just cannot imagine them with other people. I always thought they'd be able to make it through. They both seem to be good people with good principles. Apparently, it takes more to stay in marriage. Wish all sorts of happiness to both of them, wherever they choose to seek it. (Still, part of me thinks they will change their minds and get back together)
  3. Not that I complain or anything, Chris looks fascinating. But sometimes I miss the younger version of him, the skinny one, with curls out of control, no earrings and mere idea of shaving his belly making him laugh out loud. I miss times, when he wore only plain white shirt and black trousers, and that was good enough for him. Somehow, he seemed more easy to relate to. Not a performer, who makes money out of every song, just a guy who shares his art. I don't know why I'm saying that, perhaps no one here agrees with that.:\ But still, something to think about - how the clothes, jewelry and hai
  4. My friend is getting married to a guy 7 years older than her. Perhaps it got me thinking a bit on question of age in relationships. I used to think that difference in age of more than 2-3 years was weird and generally not good. But my friend and her fiancee seem to work perfectly as a couple, they even look the same age, I wouldn't even know he was older if they didn't tell. As time goes, I think I tend to accept age difference much more. After all, the more people I meet, the more I understand that maturity sometimes has nothing to do with age and also, when you fall in love, you don't rea
  5. I don't think that Coldplay are not respected because they're making pop music. Look at Lady Gaga - most mediocre pop as for me, but the fact that she uses outrageous outfits, experiments with her appearance, dance moves, public image etc., etc. makes some people call her "genius". In other words, she pushes boundaries, in some way or other, she's doing something, which perhaps is not totally new (cough..Madonna ripoff...cough), but not regularly seen on stage. Take Radiohead - they were innovators, they did something, that hasn't been done before. They started new wave in music, to which C
  6. Or imagine them going really heavy. It's like no one in the world expects them to release something in the sphere of death metal, and bam - here you go, death metal album. On a serious note, please no pop/rap collaborations. I don't want to see Coldplay turning into some crappy Maroon 5. I just don't.
  7. On the whole I think they used too many loop choruses on MX too. They're on ETIAW, Paradise, Princess of China.. A bit of too much, isn't it? And as of Paradise, from the beginning I thought it had a rather simple structure (intro - build-up - epic and repetitive chorus), and weak lyrics (sorry, Chris). And it wore off pretty quickly for me, meaning I don't listen to it anymore (which is a pity, some Coldplay songs I listened to for couple of years on an everyday basis). Though I don't mean to hurt feelings of the MX fans, Paradise still is a lovely tune (For example, I loved it how they u
  8. Oh yes, Viva era was terrific. Sophisticated and powerful, colorful and diverse, magical and grand, yet it was very intimate and touching at the same time. I don't even know which direction they should take to create something as good as that. The MX one clearly didn't evoke such kind of feelings, unfortunately. Perhaps it was a necessary experiment, to discover the land o pop loops, heavy production and controversial collaborations. Let's hope the boys had enough of that :) At least I will. And I also will hope that lyrics will get more subtle, expressive and poetic. No eh-la-la-la and wa-wa
  9. I see that I'm not the only one who's glad that he got rid of those earrings.
  10. Looking at the lyrics, it seems that Atlas belongs much to the MX era. Slayed dragon, searching for gold... Seems like that adventuruos MX theme. Maybe the album's leftover? If so, it could be different from the main LP6 theme. Or not:) We'll have to wait and see.
  11. I just want Viva la Vida - take 2. That's all.
  12. Is it just me, or there truly has been very little news on the new album? During the wait for MX, at this point of their '3 year cycle', we were getting some more information and more things were going on. Secrecy? Conspiracy? Not much happening? What is the answer?
  13. It is so, but I'm afraid all the attention and enthusiasm people get after meeting them and telling their story in the Bakery thread, may be encouraging to some to go try and meet the band. Plus sharing info about who is in the studio now, when they come and go, where have meals - it all helps more people to find them. Of course it lies on each person to decide how to behave, but I think this forum community shall have its policy about it, like it has about not sharing officially released songs. Like some very general guidelines about things, that are not encouraged to be done. Personall
  14. Weird, sounds absolutely like Chris to me. If it's not him, he has an identical voice twin somewhere in this world. :) Same intonations, same timbre. By the way, nice song, whoever wrote that.
  15. We all know they have a well-established recording cycle, which is 3 years long. Very unlikely they will break it. I can see them releasing a LP in winter 2014, bur not earlier.
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