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  1. Oh wow that's great! Did you ask Livenation or the Commerzbank Arena!? Thanks for letting us know!
  2. I'm not sure yet as i do not have an Email either! I guess we will have to wait and see!
  3. Me! And I definitely hope to meet some other fans!
  4. I've been to quite a few concerts and to 50% of them I had to go alone! However if you are in front line and need to go to the toilet make sure to ask your neighbours to keep your space and i am sure they will! We are all there for the same reason and if you explain that you are alone, most will help! Make sure to go to the toilet when still everybody sits on the floor as soon as they stand up the chances are not as good. Those are my experiences!! Have fun everybody ! ❤️
  5. I can't believe that I managed to get a ticket only a week ago! Soo yay gonna be at the concert on Friday!
  6. Have fun everybody! Awww it looks so familiar! When I last was there for a Coldplay concert it rained the whole concert long but it was sooo good! Can't wait for Vienna!
  7. I am going alone too! But don't worry I am pretty sure we won't be alone at all ;) It will be great to meet some coldplayers YAYYYYYYYYYYYY
  8. I will arrive by train from switzerland and i have no idea how long it will take me from the station to the venue but I guess i will be there arround 3pm! Yay i am sooo excited and happy that so many Coldplayers will be there!
  9. Awesome. If it's possible I would love to buy two Rings and one blue mmm! I could pay by PayPal and I would need International shipping as I live in Switzerland =D

  10. Hi, yes I am. Rings, blue swirl, orange swirl, orange mmm, blue mmm, red ck, yellow ck and pink mx

  11. YESSSSS and I am sooo excited *lool* I think I sound like a broken record but I am really really excited :laugh3:
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