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  1. I think we fangirls we just lucky to have an interaction with MX album only dream. because all the rest of the albums Coldplay sounds on the relationship of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow their real life inspirations
  2. mmm me not joking for my statue of fangirl for ignore me I'm not kidding .
  3. have good night, good dream, girls ;) picspam, miss me
  4. Booty lol :D I had my fever I dreamed that Chrissy was in my bed because I was cold and fever just to feel less alone and less cold. but my heart was broken in two strange dream So tomorrow is my last day of courses, I'm better no fever. 5am ​​tomorrow, standing and more is courses morphology. and talk of default. so I'll still hear my defaults by people and annoy me. :angry: and tomorrow is following, loop and shoes heels. yuck, already sure that will fall. let alone I am tomboy well in her clothes Then if I have to please to someone. me who deside and private.
  5. cool you are better for Ellen ;) Oh me I love all of his heart, he could hear my heart beat but broken
  6. According Onfray, hedonism is summarized by the maxim of Chamfort: "Enjoy and do enjoy, without harming neither you nor anyone, that I think all morality." finally hedonistic is the opposite of depression . all Albums Coldplay have are coming from real reality. any depression . MX just an empty sound which is not part of reality is a dream and all depression . and because this title "don't break your heart" refers to "Life is For Living" from part live concert MX as if Chris had the opportunity to ask write to a girl stranger have nothing and of his empty life. not
  7. they are famous public...... :sad2: :disappointed: http://apple-moses-martin.tumblr.com/ Gwyneth Paltrow in the house with their children in his blog read by all on a thread Chris fewer people
  8. Meet Coldplay before the end of the world ? I saw a horrible doc by the scientists on the end of the world that everyone is talking about in French TV. I have wanted to meet the boys before, me go to hell :( but I have not even afford to go see them at the bakery :disappointed: and you all going soon in the bakery ? but in another doc in English speaking TV channel. they said no the scientists. they had imagined all disasters. and I also read a magazine scientific and mystical, they said no, it was just the cycle of the earth would turn in a better direction and axis. he spoke
  9. we're all a little insomniac, there are too Kristal . So really I'm going to sleep, even if the medics against fever not effect pff
  10. we need more ask Gwyneth Paltrow & Chris Martin , because generally left alone paparazzis celebs who do not try. an example of Depp & Paradis, or big hollywood stars Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood and many others.
  11. Good night girls , go to sleep now. a lullaby demo so old he knew how to make me sleep since little girl.
  12. is certainly hot with her Gwyneth Paltrow not want to play fangirl Lory puppy now. but thanks Céline is sweet
  13. I stayed in bed. but because I have not had the courage to prepare food and not hungry. I am alone .So going sleep, but before put nice pictures here
  14. Hi Mara welcome, you feel better :nice: I know I'm just a fangirl, but you worry Chris ? I'm still so far away to advise you. Apple ? you know education is Gwynnie . So my fever does not go down, I think I will not going in courses. :sick:
  15. we are in October 2012 so old story so it became a celebrity now Chris http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-189317/Will-Gwyneth-Chris-split.html Gwyneth Paltrow draws paps is a Hollywood actress icon be admired by all that is normal it does not bother her, she put the children of Chris and her in front paps to be admired (especially when they were babies)
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