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  1. Hi everyone, Today I received the most precious little package from IRanAway which blew my mind away! :heart_eyes: - Sorry, pun unintended. It includes: - A copy of the 2017 Paris show setlist - a concert I would've loved to attend but I couldn't - A Viva La Vida tour announcement - a Coldplay live period which I completely missed even if I was already a fan because I was too young to attend a gig, according to my parents (:oops:) - A copy of a Frankfurt show sign which actually reminds me, if read out of context, how Coldplay (and coldplayers) are indeed my friends and family - A He
  2. I've just found this picture on Google, it looks new to me. Does anyone know where it is from? :rolleyes: P.S. Hello! It's been a while :yum
  3. Really?! :D Hahaha nope, but a girl threw him a garland with the same colours, so I'm almost as satisfied :laugh3:
  4. I noticed... It seems you can only buy 2-day passes. :confused: Do you think you will go? Do they usually broadcast it on tv?
  5. OMG I'll be in New York in those days, I may as well go if I convince my family!!! :dazzled: Any chance we may find out which is the day when they'll play?
  6. Here are my blurry pics from June 16th at Wembley during Always In My Head... That is, the very first time they played it live :wacky:
  7. <3

    1. Batman


      * insert :cheesy: Smiley in here* I still have these bakery Photos from you, shall I send them to you? =D

    2. Dany93


      Hahaha of course! I've been waiting for them all along! You have no idea how happy it made me to meet you :D It's one of my favourite moments of that weekend. Do you know that I met Jonny at like 7pm? He made us wait for hours and only stayed for a bunch of mins, but at least... Haven't you got any FB or Twitter or any other account?

  8. I mean to post a review one of these days... Until then, I'll just say that I magically managed to get front row, facing the middle area of the catwalk, and that this time I saw them better than four years ago in Nice, when I was in front of the X stage. I loved every moment of the concert and the funniest thing was that I was surrounded by other Italians like me- we basically covered the whole Jonny side- and that I, my friend and another girl standing next to her formed the Italian flag with our green, white and red cagoules :laugh3: And of course... The next day I met THALIA (I love you!
  9. And it's Coldplay, I mean...! I don't even know if I would've managed to open my mouth :D All the better for you, they smiled at you and I'm sure they were perfectly at ease - definitely more than you lol But hey... You interviewed COLDPLAY!!! *W*
  10. Hahahaha omg Thalia, I'm so happy for you and grateful to you and Coldplaying staff for the wonderful idea! I loved listening and reading the interview, the very "in-depth" questions were so engaging and I'm glad they enjoyed them and pointed out how different they were from those superficial ones they normally get asked. I also love that the stressing out of Guy's quietness didn't surprise them at all ( :p) and that he did his best to actually express his opinion exhaustively haha. Good job, Thalia! :D I'm sure I've already told you a billion times, but you're such a funny story-teller, they
  11. Je Suis Malade - Dalida (It must be because I'm studying French)
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