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  1. Ok that true, i didn't think Spotify had doubled its user count in just 4 years, that massive !
  2. First week sales comparaison : UK first week sales : Parachutes: 70,934 AROBTTH: 273,924 X&Y: 467,471 VIVA: 302,074 MX: 208,000 GS: 168,000 AHFOD: 235,974 EL: 81,000 MOTS: 101,000 USA first week sales : Parachutes : 6,500 AROBTTH : 141,000 X&Y : 737,000 VIVA : 720,000 MX : 447,000 GS : 383,000 AHFOD : 210,000 EL : 48,000 MOTS : 57,000 Considering the most massive promotional campaign they've ever done, the BTS fans support, the "king maker" Max Martin
  3. I look the EL live in Aman now and i understand with the band flee this album. Chris is just an other man during this live compared to curent MOTS lives. Edit : Deluxe edition out now with 4 more version of My Universe... πŸ™„
  4. Like many i'm not a fan of Max Martin work but i would really like the band to produce an album with Finneas O'Connell
  5. I dont understand this speech which consists in saying "we have nothing more to prove, we do not care about the criticism" then bring together a cast worthy of a blockbuster to try to do something industrial. You also have to know how to question yourself sometimes. Be careful, I don't question the artistic feelings, I'm just saying that the goal is to create a good album.
  6. Guy On apple music: So, seem the best title is the one where Max Martin is less present.
  7. They have rated EL 5/5. I love Coldplay but i quite agree with the Guardian and Pitchfork reviews. They can do better. This album will exist only across the two featuring, in 2 months it will be forgotten. I think it's time for the boys to come together and behave like a real group, that they lock themselves in a studio in the depths of UK and produce something together without necessarily surrounding themselves with thousands of people. And without looking Spotify statistics. Like what Brian Eno did for Viva right after X&Y trauma. I have the impression that for some t
  8. An other artist and art director : https://www.instagram.com/vicmcmxciii/
  9. It goes a little like what I said above: I think that the group works a lot more remotely and the studio phases are fast because it is mostly recording. The Bakery must be more empty and the core of the team is probably reduced. It will probably be different when a tour starts, this is where the team spirit is the strongest and where the guys are certainly more accessible. We haven't had a big tour for 4 years so it just reinforces the feeling of not being very "connected" with the team anymore.
  10. Hi guys, I'm happy to hear from the band and especially new music in this special time. I like the space theme, there is something very deep. I love Square One lyrics about this "the future is for discovery the space in which we're travelling"πŸ™‚ But can we be critical a bit too? I find that Coldplay campaigns are almost the same since AHFOD: anonymous posters in public places, encrypted message, mysterious website, pink color everywhere and even Pilar Zeta for for the artwork ... Only GS era are different (with Mila FΓΌrstovΓ‘ for the artwork). I imagine that it takes camp
  11. I asked Mat about the strange video from Orphans : [MEDIA=twitter]1188877903557251073[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/ThomasPhilibert/status/1188877903557251073
  12. same question, this part is very strange. Seem filmed fast. I wonder if is filmed in country in war... like Syria ?
  13. [MEDIA=instagram]B3_85-ZgiUh[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3_85-ZgiUh/ The last Coldplay picture on instagram and twitter are taken in the London deep-level shelters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_deep-level_shelters With Chris words about the LP8, i think the 1919 theme was selected to remember us that we have lived very difficult times (WWI & WWII) and then the current political world is a nonsense.
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