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  1. An other artist and art director : https://www.instagram.com/vicmcmxciii/
  2. It goes a little like what I said above: I think that the group works a lot more remotely and the studio phases are fast because it is mostly recording. The Bakery must be more empty and the core of the team is probably reduced. It will probably be different when a tour starts, this is where the team spirit is the strongest and where the guys are certainly more accessible. We haven't had a big tour for 4 years so it just reinforces the feeling of not being very "connected" with the team anymore.
  3. Hi guys, I'm happy to hear from the band and especially new music in this special time. I like the space theme, there is something very deep. I love Square One lyrics about this "the future is for discovery the space in which we're travelling"🙂 But can we be critical a bit too? I find that Coldplay campaigns are almost the same since AHFOD: anonymous posters in public places, encrypted message, mysterious website, pink color everywhere and even Pilar Zeta for for the artwork ... Only GS era are different (with Mila Fürstová for the artwork). I imagine that it takes camp
  4. I asked Mat about the strange video from Orphans : [MEDIA=twitter]1188877903557251073[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/ThomasPhilibert/status/1188877903557251073
  5. same question, this part is very strange. Seem filmed fast. I wonder if is filmed in country in war... like Syria ?
  6. [MEDIA=instagram]B3_85-ZgiUh[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3_85-ZgiUh/ The last Coldplay picture on instagram and twitter are taken in the London deep-level shelters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_deep-level_shelters With Chris words about the LP8, i think the 1919 theme was selected to remember us that we have lived very difficult times (WWI & WWII) and then the current political world is a nonsense.
  7. Yes someone on twitter. I dont want to share the account for protect it
  8. Why ? We can hear "I don't know, where I can go" like... an orphan
  9. The video saved from twitter avalaible here: [link removed by Moderator]
  10. ColdpalyXtra deleted his RT of this tweet, again.... (after the deleted tweet about html hidden code)...
  11. [MEDIA=twitter]1186910713765228544[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/februberry/status/1186910713765228544 "They said “tell everyone we comin back and to make them listen to our entire discography”" 8 black and white thumbnail on YT, right ? 8 tracks per album on Amazon also... If this albums are 2 anothers version of coldplay famous old titles, the tour will be probabely small like "ghost storie tour".... And that can confirm the daily mirror article. Other thing: the marketing campaign is not really big, it is mainly for coldplay fans
  12. hello Stephen it is why Coldplaying and Coldplayxtra have deleted tweet about this code ? Because it is a unofficial information ? Thomas
  13. Hello, totally agree. For the HTML comment, i'm web developper too and I know that forget stuff can easily happen. You try to think of everything and something you skid especially for an hidden comment. If Coldplay want to pass a message in the code, I really think the comment would been more mysterious and still here. If 3 titles was totaly random, why 3 titles ? One is enough no ? So finally i I have a doubt about Trouble In Town to be name of album: If the 30s teaser are with Guy and Chris choice of title is already done. I guess : 30 seconds of Trouble In Town teaser and few da
  14. Yes, and 12 videos of youtube can be multiples short teasers
  15. Yes but they can also fake name and titles to avoid leaks from the agency
  16. For remember, the code say: Trouble In Town (30s, acoustic, in-studio performance from Chris and Guy ) 360 ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE ON THE AMMAN CITADEL (1 NEW SONG, Orphans, Daddy or Everyday Life) You can see "30s, acoustic, in-studio performance from Chris and Guy" In this code i read "Trouble In Town album, a 360 acoustif performance on the Amman citadel. Clip of 30s of Orphans, Daddy or Everyday life). That's my opinion ;)
  17. Ok, thank you for the explanations Gideon. But they have a small link indirectly. For others points (london, etc), I am always dubitative. Same here, the comment was really explicit and was removed quickly. It was not strange like the messages on poster : they plan to put an 30 secondes audio clip but they do not know yet on which of the 3 titles. It's very marketing
  18. But is shared by him no ? I know is on this forum ;)
  19. Poster found in Argentina... By director of Warner Argentina : unamused: So: - Poster in London was found by head TV of Parlophone - Poster in Argentina was found by Warner director - Poster in Netherlands museum was found by owner of an Coldplay fan page and he receive the same poster at office. for further: - Coldplay poster in Paris was put Illegally - Poster in Sao Paulo was put too early - Code was forgotten in website What's wrong with this campaign?
  20. Kirboh on discord just say "No not like Viva totally, Definitely some Viva vibes, But from what I heard only X&Y/AHFOD is best mix comparison I can think of" New single friday : One way train this Friday and then live performance of one way train at rock the vote tidal. Contain banjo, tempo of Hurts like heaven
  21. Hello, This is the Saint Germain studio a record studio in Paris. You can discover it here : https://www.lesstudiossaintgermain.com/ This is a "retro studio" for "acoustic/piano/jazz sound", i can't imagine the band recording electronic title like A Head Full of Dreams at here. This studio owns the only one neve 3188 console in the world. Piano on the Davide photo is not owned by the studio. Next photo of Davide is taken from "hotel du louvre", and Guy from "Lutecia Hotel" near of the Saint Germain studio
  22. Ok, so the setlist request is not really. All song played in song request are played on MX tour or AHFOD tour: - Shiver - Dont Panic - Green eye Next possibility are : - GPAUYF - A Whisper - Trouble - Speed of sound - The Hardest Part - Daylight - What If - Amsterdam I hope I'm wrong but i do not expect surprises.
  23. I thought that the worst is behind us but this setlist ... Seriously they are lost. Days where you had 25 titles for € 45 are gone... I had a little hope. The song request feel scam.
  24. I think there's a good chance that it is true because : - NME concert was full of hope, we felt nostalgia. - They said play a lot of old songs to please fans. - Chris said the song repertory is complete now. - I think the bad Super Bowl moment made him think. - On the VLV tour, ~24 song are played. - Technical comments are not bad. But : - Gravity was played just five times. 1 time for moving to mars. - 1 title of VLV album I pray that this is true, it would be so huge! That would please everyone. (sorry for my bad english, im french :) and i have work with Chriis42 on the se
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