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  1. Hey Sara! It's been so long how are you? :D

  2. All the best for Birthday! ;)

  3. Happy Bday :) Have a nice one :dance::D

  4. I'm back again again again, if only to tell you that I'm leaving :P BTW Robin, my name's Sara :nice: Pleased to meet you :D Byez people
  5. You heard from Brooke?! That's awesome Julia!! :awesome: Now we are sure she is alive :D Edit: I don't really know you Robin, but I'm gonna say HI anyway :D
  6. Yep, my Labor Day break is for 5 days, and I went to school for only 3 so far. I don't see the point of sending an entire school district of kids to school for only 3 days before a break longer than the amount of days they were in school. My school district has problems :P
  7. I'm going biking in the Appalacian mountains in southern Pennsylvania :D
  8. I'm on Labor Day Break right now so I have all the time in the world :D I didn't even know what time it was until Julia said it was 3:15
  9. Oh forget the cherries :wideeyed: :lol: Sorry I was working on some of my homework :P
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