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  1. Ditto for me as well. I might get one friend to go with me but it'd be nice to talk with others at the show.
  2. How loud with the music be if I get tickets near the stage? I am willing to endure louder music than is completely comfortable, but I also don't want my ears ringing for 24 hours after the concert. I know it is a huge concert and you are just supposed to let live, but there is a point where the music can be TOO loud. I love Coldplay's music too much for it to be drowned out by unnecessarily loud noise.
  3. I don't know whether I should get a ticket for the Chicago or Toronto show or if I should wait. If they add tour dates, will it be between shows that are already scheduled, or will they be added on to the end of the dates already shown. This makes a huge difference because I'm studying abroad next fall and will be leaving in August. I've never been to a Coldplay concert before! I'm afraid I'm going to screw up royally if I don't buy a ticket right as the sales open up, but last time they came to Indianapolis, which is a lot closer than any of the other venues. I don't know what to do!!!!!!!
  4. I hope its not on the new album. Not that I don't like it....it's decent, but I was just hoping for a different feel for the new album, and if this song makes it, even if the rest of it is good, it won't flow too smoothly. Viva La Vida was amazing in the arrangements of songs, and it would be hard to work around Waterfall.
  5. As often happens with bands, including Coldplay, sometime before the album is released, they release a single off of that album. This could be at anytime, but I am thinking that I DON'T want to hear it when it comes out. I mean, Viva La Vida was such a well put together album, I really want to listen to their new album from start to finish without knowing what each song will bring. So. How many people here would listen to a single that was released before the album? I just feel like I've waited so long, I could wait just a little bit longer to hear the album through and through as a completely new experience.
  6. I agree that they should play LP5 B-sides at the festival. The last thing I want is album material recorded with a camcorder at a festival floating around on youtube. For one, I want to hear the album songs in their fully recorded state before hearing them live (unless I am at the performance, which won't be happening.) Second of all, if they find their way to youtube, I wouldn't want to watch them, but would be tempted anyways. This is not a good situation. However, new songs that aren't on the album would be great for the festivals.
  7. And yeah, wow. That sounds like IMP. Did he admit that IMP influenced the song? Either way, it's not as good as In My Place, of course.
  8. http://www.ghanamusic.com/music/brand-neue/audio-quiver-by-jon-germain-featuring-j-town/index.html This should link you to an audio you don't have to download as an mp3.
  9. I love it! As with many Coldplay songs, it will take a while for me to determine it's final rating, so just to give it some breathing room I gave it an 8. Great, not their best(very high standards), but one that given time may be in the upper echelon, just not THE best.
  10. When I first got into Coldplay, the first song I really really liked besides "Clocks" and their more famous tunes was "Daylight." I loved that song. Of course, then I went on to get all their albums and I realized almost every song of theirs is amazing. But anyways, I never seem to hear anybody mention Daylight as one of their favorite Coldplay songs. Other underrated songs include: Prospekt's March/Poppyfields Swallowed by the Sea Death and All His Friends/The Escapist Amsterdam On the other hand, though, among all us Coldplay fans, a lot of these songs may not seem underrated just because we are all so familiar with them!
  11. I agree, The Final Track, I love Daylight!
  12. I kinda like how it takes so long. Gives me something to do everyday.
  13. No love for Now My Feet Won't Touch the Ground??? But seriously, this proves how good Coldplay is. Even when I vote for a song I clearly like better than the one it is up against, I still love both songs.
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