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  1. This recognition is absolutely well-deserved... not only is this site aesthetically amazing, but there are so many tidbits that I learned for the first time. Very, very nice work.
  2. These guys NEVER fail to put on an incredible show. Simply amazing. My pics/videos:https://flic.kr/s/aHskZT9A63
  3. LESS THAN THREE WEEKS TO GO AND I'LL BE ON THE FLOOR LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Yoooooo I'll be in row 18! We'll have to say hello :D
  4. I hear you... totally blown away that they're not coming here. So with the impending hiatus, and with me having only seen them once (2009), there's no way that's stopping me... so I'll be headed to DC in a few weeks. Wish they would've come here though.
  5. The first post just so happens to feature the correct ranking... and DAMN is it tough to rank those top two. Here's my thoughts on each song, starting from the bottom... A L I E N S: It's a cool tune but it's not one I'm going to have on repeat. Doesn't do a whole lot for me. Something Just Like This: It'll be fun at the concert in three weeks... but otherwise, not really my kind of song. Miracles (Someone Special): The initial listen left me feeling meh but once I listened to it on earbuds this song came ALIVE and now I absolutely love it. And yet... as good as it is, it's only #3. That'
  6. Yet ANOTHER surprise this time of year! Roughly 24 hours from now marks three years since the Ghost Stories announcement/first listen of Magic. And it's funny because I had actually completely forgotten about the new EP haha. So this was nice to see before going to bed! Hypnotised is a nice little song... especially if you're really into someone. And I'm crushing hard on a girl right now so these lyrics are getting to me haha.
  7. I agree........... I mean, is this it? Does this mean I'm out of luck and I'll have to go up to DC to see them? I'm trying to believe that when they say "first 2017 North American shows" that means more will be coming.
  8. And now it's official: February 7 is set up to be the greatest night of my life. My favorite team in sports and my favorite band... together, in one night. There's no way we can lose now. What am I, chopped liver? :(
  9. A month later, there's a bit of an update... top seven remain unchanged, though. [ATTACH=full]3666[/ATTACH]
  10. The video is just like the song... not good. Trippy in a bad way. Coldplay... you're not indie. Stop trying to be. You're better than this.
  11. I guess that stuff that just isn't me because Birds does absolutely nothing for me. It feels very boring and plain. I agree the abrupt ending is hilarious... but otherwise, I just can't get into it.
  12. Okay guys what is it. Why is Birds sucking you all in and doing nothing for me... because I'm literally the only one, it seems.
  13. For the life of me, I can't figure out why in the world you all are freaking out over Birds. It's really not that great. Yes, I ranked a 60-second interlude at #6. It's that beautiful. AHFOD is not only an epic way to open an album, it's also an epic way to open a concert. So needless to say, I'm pumped to have that song kick things off when I see them. Up&Up is... oh my goodness. I love Jonny and Noel Gallagher on that song so much. Simply beautiful. AOAL is still tops, though... I love it just as much as I did when it debuted a month ago.
  14. They're not soft rock anymore though... that's what I keep trying to tell the haters. They're full of life and make energetic music that's perfect for something like this.
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