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  1. Hey guys just wondering do any of you know when Coldplay update or put up the lyrics from there new album on their website :)
  2. Hey guys i was just wondering if any of you who have ordered the Mylo Xyloto comics from Coldplay's website know how long they take to deliver ps i live in the UK :)
  3. Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  4. https://twitter.com/coldplayatlas I don't think those are the lyrics to Up&Up i think there the lyrics to X Marks The Spot because i remember reading somewhere i'm not sure where that X Marks The Spot is basically Chris singing or speaking through a vocoder rhyming over a drum loop :)
  5. No problem mind you these are just my interpretations :)
  6. Sorry i cant name them off of my head but ill see if i can tomorrow i haven't got the comic books on me anymore ill re-download them again tonight and post the refrences on the MX comic thread and sorry once again :)
  7. I meant the band feel the need to play live again but have not been able to due to recording the album and the i heart radio show will have nothing to do with AHFOD no performing new songs :) Hope that makes sense
  8. Same band for sure ps am i the only one that thinks that Coldplay's I heart radio show is a one of performance :)
  9. Good point but there have been times were i see References from Parachutes up to Viva la Vida in MX and the Comics :)
  10. To be honest i'm not sure were i heard this or it could just be my imagination but when Mylo Xyloto came out im sure Chris said that all the albums from Parachutes told a story leading up to Mylo Xyloto :)
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