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  1. Hey guys just wondering do any of you know when Coldplay update or put up the lyrics from there new album on their website :)
  2. Hey guys i was just wondering if any of you who have ordered the Mylo Xyloto comics from Coldplay's website know how long they take to deliver ps i live in the UK :)
  3. Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  4. https://twitter.com/coldplayatlas I don't think those are the lyrics to Up&Up i think there the lyrics to X Marks The Spot because i remember reading somewhere i'm not sure where that X Marks The Spot is basically Chris singing or speaking through a vocoder rhyming over a drum loop :)
  5. No problem mind you these are just my interpretations :)
  6. Sorry i cant name them off of my head but ill see if i can tomorrow i haven't got the comic books on me anymore ill re-download them again tonight and post the refrences on the MX comic thread and sorry once again :)
  7. I meant the band feel the need to play live again but have not been able to due to recording the album and the i heart radio show will have nothing to do with AHFOD no performing new songs :) Hope that makes sense
  8. Same band for sure ps am i the only one that thinks that Coldplay's I heart radio show is a one of performance :)
  9. Good point but there have been times were i see References from Parachutes up to Viva la Vida in MX and the Comics :)
  10. To be honest i'm not sure were i heard this or it could just be my imagination but when Mylo Xyloto came out im sure Chris said that all the albums from Parachutes told a story leading up to Mylo Xyloto :)
  11. Oh ok interesting thanks for the info ill have to look up the interview :)
  12. Hey guys just wondering some fans are saying that AHFOD will be the end of a story but were exactly did Coldplay say that ? :)
  13. Hey guys just wondering what did chris mean when he said that LP7 would be 'the completion of something' :)
  14. Lol i was kind off thinking the same for some reason i had a strong feeling that Famous old painters would be on A Head Full Of Dreams :)
  15. Lol had a dream last night that Chris said that the new album would not be out until summer 2016 made me very sad but then again it was just a dream :)
  16. I've got the first four issues going to buy the fifth issue next week but for some reason cant find the sixth issue :(
  17. i was just wondering something when Chris said in an interview "Not to say that there might not be another thing one day, but this is the completion of something" does he mean its the end of something just need to clarify things up :)
  18. He did sorry to be a pain hope you don't mind telling me where he said that :)
  19. True its just sad and exciting at the same time to see how this story ends :)
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