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  1. Mega bumping this thread, since according to a news site, it seems like Gorillaz will return (probably by next year). The site is in spanish but I translated the important bits: http://canchageneral.com/discos/albarn-tiene-las-ganas-en-hacer-un-nuevo-disco-de-gorillaz/
  2. If he plays some songs from "The Fall" that would be pretty awesome. ...man, I'm still speechless. Can't believe Blur is actually playing here, in Uruguay. Something I thought was a very delusional dream. Especially here, in this small and intimate outdoor venue known as "Teatro de Verano". Already been to 5 gigs there, and there's always something special happening at that place. Knowing that "Primavera 0" is not a proper music festival, which it means that there is not a large group of bands, nor any multiple stages, Blur will take this as a show of their own (with the usual s
  3. X-Ray touring's Ian Huffman says Blur are planning to play "Europe, Japan, South America and Australia" in 2013: http://www.pollstar.com/news_article.aspx?ID=802977 God, I really hope this happens. I need to see this band live!!
  4. They seem to be playing more stuff from 13, especially Caramel which I believe it's the first time they ever performed the song live. That's pretty awesome.
  5. I could never get myself into making a Blur "dream setlist", simply beacuse there's so much stuff to add. The only thing I never changed was the opener track, which in my mind, it's definitely Ambulance. Oh, and after listening to that Radio 4 interview: PD: By the way, did you guys saw Damon's acoustic performance in Amsterdam? If not, then check it out: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/luisterpaal/playerpage.program.14051046.html
  6. That's classic Damon right there xD. Agreed that Apple Carts sounded awesome. [ame= ] [/ame]
  7. So, today Damon on Jools Holland. Will try to watch it and record it if i'm able to do so.
  8. Scans from that magazine (from G-U): Pretty cool interview, and i gotta agree that the interviewer did some very good question. Damon also seems to be in a good mood. But i don't know, so this puts us back in the first page regarding Blur news (as in, we still don't what's going on with this band?). Man, Damon's trolling us all for sure:
  9. That's a nice interview, thanks Liz! I believe this is the first time someone adresses his relationship with Jamie other than Denholm. That's pretty bad, that Jamie considers Gorillaz is done. Still, you never know. I thought Gorillaz were over after phases 1 and 2 (granted, those were different times, no personal rows or anything).
  10. You can listen to DoYaThing now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aF34itZO1xM&feature=youtu.be Cool song, however, i'm waiting for the 12 minute version so i can have a good judgement
  11. Is it me, or is Dave getting older and older? Also, kickass feedback solo by Graham at the end of This is a Low.
  12. Saw the whole performance. It was ok. It started off kinda sloppy with Girls & Boys and Song 2 (btw, i hated their Song 2 performance. Damon's voice was almost giving up.) However, Tender and TIAL were really really great, especially the last one.
  13. Man, tomorrow is going to be a helluva day
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