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  1. :cry: It is a sad day. Dirk Kuyt has left for Fenerbahce. He has been one of my favourite players. It was probably the right time to leave for him though, same with Aurelio and Maxi.
  2. I admit my initial reaction was not exactly receiving of the idea and I am not proud of it. I'm looking forward to next season already. I still remain pessimistic that it could be a bad idea and I think AVB is still the best candidate. We need to give him time and money.
  3. The abuse that RM is getting from Liverpool fans is embarrassing and shocking. I might not believe him to be the best candidate but he is a good manager and a nice man. Whoever FSG decide to appoint needs out full support. That is what we are all about. Good luck RM, he has my full support. :)
  4. http://m.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/may/22/didier-drogba-villas-boas-chelsea?cat=football&type=article Is this guy serious. Him and his club have no culture or credibility. In my opinion they are a bunch of pathetic, petulant babies who through the toys away when they dont get their own way. Shocking. Fair play, they won the champions league but that doesn't make their behaviour acceptable. I hate to imagine the shit that poor AVB got when he was there. He dared to try something different and they did their upmost to fuck it up for him.
  5. Very interesting read: http://katecohensoccer.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/why-andre-villas-boas-will-be-a-success-at-liverpool%E2%80%8F/
  6. ^ Woop woop. I've got 244th place secured there. :wink3::smug:
  7. You're right. We could definitely do a lot worse, but we could also do a lot better. AVB has said that he would be interested and I can't see Brendan Rodgers or Rafa saying no. I like RM but he is too inexperienced with big clubs at the moment. Same as Roy Hodgson. I think BR could handle the pressure. AVB will have learnt from what happened at Chelsea, even though it wasn't his fault and Rafa knows the club inside out.
  8. Totally agree. AVB should be a foregone conclusion by now. Forget the Chelsea thing, the players made that an impossible job to do. He wont get that at Liverpool and if he does, then the players should be sacked immediately. I quite like the idea of Brendan Rodgers, I have been mesmerised this season by Swansea and he seems like a really nice bloke. As for Martinez, it seems like a very similar situation to Roy Hodgson. Too inexperienced with big jobs. If he does get it then, i'll support him 100% and hope that it works out. I think that they are the only three serious candidates. Rafa would b
  9. http://m.skysports.com/article/football//7762720 Oh dear. PLEASE NO!!! Someone tell me this a bad dream.
  10. Really not convinced by Defoe at all. Other than that, it was a good squad. I would have put Adam Johnson in ahead of Downing and O Chamberlain. As for the Liverpool job, AVB should get it. Perfect fit for me.
  11. I really wanted Bilbao to win the EL last night. They have played terrific all tournament but they just didnt seem to turn up last night. Some of their players are better than they're given credit for. Munuain deserves to be in the Euros Spain squad, Liverpool need to get their act together and sign him!
  12. Shame we didnt win yesterday but Chelsea probably deserved it. Andy Carroll was brilliant, he played like a man possessed and deserved a second goal. He made John Terry look average. Henderson and Downing are getting better all the time. With them playing bette, Lucas back and a couple of signings, next season will be a lot better than this one. No doubt Kenny would have been sacked by now if money bags Abramovich was the owner but that's we're all glad we dont support Chelsea.
  13. I think has a different sound than all of the previous albums. Perfect Symmetry was very synthy. UTIS was dark. I think it is closest to the first album but it still has a different feel. Their formula with the piano focused songs with little guitar is unique, ingenious and pretty ground-breaking for me. :P
  14. The album is amazing. I've listened to nothing else these past four days. It is as good, if not better, than Mylo Xyloto imo. My favourites are Black Rain, On The Road, You Are Young and Day Will Come. I agree, I loved the ending of the live Black Rain but the fading out is probably just as effective. My least favourite is Watch How You Go but I still love that. The Myth b-side is amazing too. I think they maybe made that a thirteenth track between In Your Own Time and Sea Fog. It would have added to the epicness. The song Strangeland is brilliant too. Looking forward to my special edition com
  15. I think the FA handled it all well for once. Hodgson is a better choice than both Redknapp and Pardew in a number of ways. I have no interest in the England team but it will be interesting to see how they do. Big game against Fulham tonight, places up for grabs in the final on saturday and a good chance to leapfrog everton.
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