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  1. Just got back from a very long day at work, I was finally able to do something I've never done in years: chill in a state of bittersweet armony with the world, with Coldplay music playing in the background. Jon, Guy, Chris, Will, if you're reading these words: many thanks from a old-school fan, I've been waiting for something like this for such a long time.
  2. Everyday Life is easily the most intricate and sophisticated thing they've done in the last 10 years. I love the furious blasts of rage in Trouble in Town, Church looks like it's made out of thin air. This is the coldplay I've always loved.
  3. Glad to hear these huge and exciting news! I've been waiting for such a moment for almost ten years, when I listened to Prospekt's March for the first time.
  4. I'm finally writing on this forum after a several years break! I haven't listened to the album yet, so I would just ask one questions to the Oldplayers who did: Are Coldplay really back or is it just some kind of trick?
  5. Haven't been writing on this forum for something like 6-7 years, everything on this platform changed, I'm still getting used to it haha but holy moly, your reviews sound soooo promising and I'm really looking forward to this album. I kind of disliked almost all the material the band produced in the last years (I can understand they might be appreciated by a lot of people, though), but I've always followed the band as I still relate to them in some way. I hope I will enjoy the album as you do!
  6. When the album came out, my first thought was that all of the new songs were produced for live concerts: I was expecting a big tour, but I were wrong. It looks like every gig is a direct consequence of the album: overproduced and superficial.
  7. Hello guys! I haven't been on this forum for a while! As I can read from your posts, it looks like things worsened in the last few months. Hope I'm wrong...
  8. Mi collego anche io a questo post cercando di riassumere, esprimendomi stavolta sui singoli pezzi, perch├Ę considero questo album debole. Posto che la produzione di Stargate snatura molti pezzi e che secondo me manca una sorta di "tema" comune o identificativo all'album, considero Everglow e Birds le uniche un po' valevoli. Considero l'album uno degli esperimenti tentati dalla band, sperando che un giorno ritrovino la formula magica che per me hanno perso da ormai sei anni a questa parte: ├Ę lodevole il fatto che non restino mai del tutto uguali a se stessi. Non sono contrario all'elettronica, a
  9. It's always a pleasure to come across this thread! I've a question for you today: does anyone know where the strange and muffled sounds in Easy to please come from? I've always liked that strange but beautiful effect and the sincere and somewhat raw atmosphere you can hear in their first songs.
  10. Ho provato ad ascoltarlo un altro paio di volte, ma proprio non ci entro in sintonia se non con Birds: a parte questa ed Everglow non mi viene voglia di sentire altro di quest'album. Mi era successo solo con MX, ma almeno l├Č qualcuna mi restava impressa in testa: con AHFOD mi sembra quasi tutto dimenticabile dopo solo due ascolti (ovviamente ├Ę solo una mia opinione).
  11. A me Ghost Stories non era dispiaciuto, mi sembrava soltanto (volontariamente) dimesso nei toni e forse proprio per questo apprezzabile. Presenta anzi canzoni abbastanza godibili, come ad esempio Always in my head o le due tracce aggiuntive All your friends e Ghost story, mentre le altre si collocano nel filone "piacevole da sentire". Insomma, a parte A sky full of stars e un po' True Love lasciavano tutte un qualcosa. Con AHFOD non ho questa sensazione, e soltanto Birds ed in parte Everglow mi hanno preso davvero tanto. Le altre canzoni, comprese quelle stravolte in negativo dalla produzio
  12. There are still many positive things we could say about the band today but the biggest flaw is, in my opinion, their (apparent or not) willingness to please everybody in the music world. I don't know if they are persuaded by the sentence "Rock music has nowhere left to go": we coud say the same thing for every kind of music today. They'd be more believable if they produced a whole album made out of jazzy/classical/fusion songs.
  13. I wish I was there: One of the most relaxing performances I've ever seen.
  14. I hope they'll reinvent themselves again like they did with Eno during VLV era, but only after a very long hiatus! That's the thing they need after the tour. I still don't understand the meaning of "the completion of something": what will come after AHFOD?
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